Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dog-friendly Atlantic City, Part 1: The Good

after writing out this entire post, i realized that it might take you a fortnight to read it and that seemed inconsiderate, so i'm breaking it up into three parts: the good, the bad, and the ridiculous.

a few weeks ago, desmond took his first trip to Atlantic City for a weekend stay at Showboat. because i suck at life, i didn't bring a real camera and was stuck taking pictures with my phone. aside from the quality of my phone's photos being generally horrible unless you're outdoors, there's no way to take a decent picture with the phone if there's any movement in the frame. so, some of the pictures in the series are blurry, but that just means desmond was running around, which means he was happy, which means he wasn't whining/barking/howling, which means i wasn't dying of embarrassment.

let me explain...

The Good

Showboat seems to be pretty into the Pet Stay program. they start your trip by giving every doggie room a bag o' goodies. behold:

a cute little collar tag
a door hanger to warn the passers by and hotel staff (this now resides on our bedroom doorknob)
a set of bowls (this is the smaller of the two)
two bags of yummy organic treats. the peanut butter ones looked and smelled just like those Nature Valley bars!

the dog-friendly rooms at Showboat are a relatively new thing. when we were walking around in the hallway/lobby, many people were confused by desmond's presence. that being said, people were mostly happy to see desmond. we didn't run into too many non-dog people. this was definitely a good thing.

only one tower in the hotel has the dog-friendly rooms, and those rooms are on only two floors. i guess they aren't getting a lot of dog business, but i hope it picks up and expands and then other hotels follow suit. my family's "home casino" is Harrah's, and i'd love to be able to stay there with my parents.

during our trip, something awesome happened: desmond discovered the wonders of high-rise windows.

who knew this could be so exciting for a dog?

"which way did he go, george? which way did he go?"

"dad, what is the deal with these birds? are we bigger than them?"

"we've got to get out there and investigate!"

"whoa, what is going on over there??"

he was amazed, and i was all smiles watching him be amazed.

our biggest challenge traveling with desmond is that he cannot be crated. this means we can't leave him in the room, and that means we were essentially trapped in there. why is this bad? find out in part 2!

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