Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dog Activities (two pieces) & Doggie Stylish Goodies

i've got craziness times ten going on around here, so today i've got my two latest articles plus a bit of rambling, but i do have a post about our trip with desmond to atlantic city in the works for this weekend. feeling a little out of touch these days, but i'm trying to get it together!

Dog-friendly things to do in LI & Dog-related things to do in LI

in other news, the super-awesome Karen over at Doggie Stylish felt bad that desmond's collar broke at the dog sitter's house and graciously offered us her wares as a gift. so incredibly nice of her! i'm extremely grateful.

we decided to go with the black padded-leather collar, because collars seem to bother desmond so much.

(yes, i know that some of you will balk at the use of leather by a dog lover or think that dog love should extend fully to all animals and whatnot, but i am not PETA and also i love bacon and steak and wear leather shoes and for that i will not apologize. please don't stone me, but if you do, please aim away from the face.)

i was beyond pleasantly surprised to discover not just the black padded-leather collar in the package but also the matching leash and the black braided-leather collar & matching leash! generosity to the max, y'all!

matching leashes and collars galore

here are desmond's latest modeling photos:

padded leather (side note: even though we have puttied, sanded, primed, and painted the molding  in the back corner that desmond went to town on in his Destruction Glory Days, you can still see how lumpy and weird it is, even in this dark & small photo. i have no clue how to go about fixing that without semi-major construction and a contractor. i guess i really am never going to sell this house...)

braided leather

we actually decided to go with the braided leather collar for now, because the padded one needs to be kind of worked out to make it more malleable, so we need to play with it a bit. he seems pretty pleased so far, and i like the way it looks (you can't see the details here, but if you click the link above you will).

thank you soooooooooo much, Karen!!

and while i'm talking about unrelated things, i've gotten word that there's been some issues with my commenting system (something about javascript). is anyone having trouble? although, i suspect if you are, you won't be able to comment and tell me. le sigh. you can tweet or FB me, though.

speaking of FB, eagle-eyed followers may notice that the new LWD profile pic is an outtake of sorts from the collar shoot. i actually like the picture a lot, but you can't see the collar in it.

i <3 this weird dude

is anyone else kind of all over the place lately, or is it just me?

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