Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Desmond vs. Orijen: A Review

at the end of this blog post, you will find a 10% off promo code for the Mr. Chewy website. if you want to skip right to that, i won't hold it against you--but only because if you make a purchase with my code, $10 goes to Bideawee, and i can't be mad about that!

recently, i was approached once again by Mr. Chewy's people, to see if we'd be interested in trying out and reviewing some Orijen dog food. my ears perked up (desmond's did not; he does not have access to my email)...

(Photo credit: AdvenPet)

Orijen, did you say? the protein party-in-a-bag that's always been too far out of my price range to be willing to take a chance on? why, yes, i would love to get my hands on some of that stuff and see if desmond likes it enough (and it likes him back) that i can warrant taking out a second mortgage to fund repeat delivery of said stuff. 

Mr. Chewy told me to pick any flavor. i thought i'd make Orijen work for its review by picking desmond's least-favorite flavors: seafood & poultry.

sniff sniff sniff

now, just to be clear, desmond loves him some chicken jerky (made in the USA) and freeze-dried chicken treats (yay, Stella & Chewy). he does not, however, seem to like any sort of chicken dry dog food or dry treats. and no one in this household was happy about the whitefish dry dog food we tried--not because it was bad food, but because desmond didn't like it and the humans couldn't take the smell of it. blech. i swore i would never again purchase any kind of doggie seafood stuff, because i am not, in fact, interested in my house smelling like i am running an aquarium business on the side. (in the interest of full disclosure, desmond does love the BB lamb food.)

so then, as you can imagine, i wasn't necessarily expecting things to be wonderful upon the Orijen food's arrival. 

my expectations, however, are useless.

"mom, i don't wanna take pictures of the food. i wanna eat the food."

sniff sniff

"maybe if i sniff hard enough, the food will come out..."

desmond was interested in the food from the moment we brought the package into the house. once we got it open, he got all antsy and drooly, which is not his typical style. he does love to eat, but when it comes to mealtime, he's fairly bored by things (he's far more into treats than he is breakfast and dinner). it's funny, because his reaction was somewhat similar to his reaction to the first time he tried the Stella & Chewy chicken treats
"i know you're torturing me for fun, and i do not approve."

"do you or do not you see me licking my chops?"
"finally, lady. sheesh!"

of course, when it came time for dinner, we had to add a small amount of the Orijen to his regular food, but he went absolutely nuts for it. he usually waits nicely a couple feet away from his bowls while we prepare his dinner in another room. this time, he was following me around, shoving his face into the bag/bowl, and practically barreling me over as i walked with the full bowl back to the dining room. he could hardly contain himself and didn't want to sit as far away from the bowls as he normally does (although he did not break his "leave it"). and then he went to town on his dinner, which he rarely does (due to his boredom with the food).

trying to get as close to the food bowl as he can without breaking his  "leave it"

(btw, we are not depriving him of water--we were just refilling the bowl while this was going on)

shortly after this pic was taken, the bowl was empty--even his vitamin that was in there with the food was consumed.

so far, so good. Orijen 1, Desmond 0.

at this point, although i was happy for desmond's excitment and enjoyment of the food, i was still a bit of a non-believer, because he often gets himself all riled up whenever we are switching his food. he's like me--always looking for something newer, better, different. i thought he might get bored with the Orijen soon enough.

he's now been eating it since the 15th, and you know what? the dog is still all pumped up over it. he has stopped trying to knock me over when i'm walking from the food bag to the bowl area, but otherwise it's all the same.

so, technically, it's now Orijen 2, Desmond 0.

we're up to a 50-50 mix of old and new food, and i plan to keep it that way, since we got only a small bag of the food to review (we're not switching him over to Orijen for real, as there simply isn't enough to do the switch both there and back).

this isn't really problematic other than the fact that i won't be able to give the most complete review possible since i won't see him on only Orijen food. it does, however, give his stomach ample opportunity to react to the food. he's pretty sensitive about things, and even though he's on a probiotic daily, he often has issues anyway.

most of the time, his issues stay outside of the house (if you know what i mean), but depending on what he has eaten treat-wise or human-food-wise, he will sometimes have in-the-house issues.

and i don't mean he's having accidents.

do you follow?

my dog has a really stinky butt sometimes.

usually we're able to pinpoint the problem food and eliminate it forevermore, plus we often get a good laugh out of it (we're 12), but sometimes it's bad. i mean really, really bad.

Orijen 2, Desmond 1.

yup, although desmond loved the poultry and seafood delight, the delight surely is not loving him back. it also doesn't love our sense of smell or our desire to be in the same room as our dog. Orijen is making desmond stinkier than ever before. it's truly awful. thank goodness it's intermittent. i mean, my husband and i literally have to vacate the area when this happens. poor desmond.

on a similar note, this food actually does not smell all that great itself anyway. it's not nearly as bad as that whitefish smell--at all--but it's still pretty strong. what point value is that? .5?

Orijen 2, Desmond 1, Humans .5

in the end, i can pretty safely say that i do not think we would buy this food in the future. it's really not that the food itself is bad or anything--the quality is outstanding. the combination of stinky dog butt and price point are what do us in, though. as much as desmond loves the food, we like our oxygen, and the other flavor of Orijen that we'd be interested in for des is actually more money than the poultry and seafood variety. womp womp.

all that being said, if your pup does not have a sensitive stomach, i definitely recommend trying Orijen. the ingredients are stellar, and for those of you who are already feeding premium dog food, the prices aren't really that much higher (maybe $10 or so--i'm basing this on the BB prices we tend to pay at PETCO and Pet Supplies Plus), but the quality of the food is likely worth it. desmond is salivating over it like i'm holding out a salmon and a turkey in front of his face.

as a reward for you for reading all this, please feel free to use the following promo code on mrchewy.com anytime for 10% off your order and  a $10 donation to Bideawee: DESM8618

so far, $150 has gone to Bideawee through the use of the Life With Desmond promo code. that's freakin' pawsome! so THANK YOU & let's keep it going!

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Friday, February 24, 2012

A Rant by the Owner of a Leash-reactive Dog

desmond suffers from leash reactivity, and i know that only we can do anything about that. we're working on it, but it's a very long and slow process.

in the meantime, we are managing it as best we can--primarily by avoiding stimuli on our walks. this includes dogs, cats, squirrels, cyclists, blowing debris, and people innocently going about their daily business.

warm my nose in a pile of dad's clean laundry? don't mind if i do!
i'm aware that my dog's reactivity issues are not anyone else's problem to solve, but it would be great if other dog owners in my neighborhood were aware of what leash reactivity is and what it looks like in action. it would be amazing if these same other dog owners could help me out by not making things worse. 

so many dog bloggers tell tales of off-leash dogs terrorizing their towns. that's a problem we do not have. the problems we do have are ignorance, fear, obliviousness, and lack of compassion from other dog walkers. 

i know firsthand that it's very easy to not know a damn thing about reactivity of any kind, other than maybe dog-dog aggression. i also know firsthand that there are people in my area who find desmond to be somewhat scary, based on his looks more than anything but sometimes also based on seeing him reacting. one man, in fact, who was weeding in his front garden, once told me--while desmond and i were on a very calm and lovely walk--that he would cross the street if he saw us coming. thanks, kind sir!

we get a lot of dirty looks from folks who have one or both of those mindsets. it's frustrating and insulting and makes we want to yell out that i am aware of my situation and am working to correct it (the reactivity, not the fact that des is part pit bull--i don't find that to be something that needs correcting).

i don't mean to be a jerk, mom. i swear. i just get sooooooo excited.
regardless of whatever people's opinions are going to be, i wish that the other dog owners were aware enough for an assist. take yesterday morning's walk, for example.

at 5:30 AM, it's dark, hard to see, and often cold, but this is the best time for me to walk desmond for desmond's sake. normally, things go pretty well, because few people and animals are out at this time, and i have a good sense of how to avoid the ones that are. desmond knows where all the dogs live in our neighborhood, but i know all the blocks that the other dog walkers frequent at that time--and i avoid them. i make it my business to be aware of these things for everyone's best interests.

yesterday, within two minutes, desmond saw a cat. a cat that has not been out for months, due to the cold temperatures. yesterday, it was 50 degrees when i walked out my door, so i should have expected some problems. after he saw the cat, he was wound up, tense, on edge, and very focused on finding any and all moving/living things that might be around.

this brings me to one of my complaints: i am out walking this crazy dog every morning at the same time in all weather. hot, cold, pouring, snowing, windy, whatever. i do not walk my dog only when it's convenient and pleasing for me. i have to walk my dog at 5:30 in the damn morning, because i need to keep him away from shenanigans whenever i can to assist in his progress. and i walk him every day, because that's a big part of responsible dog ownership. your dog needs and wants his walks. the walks benefit your bond with the dog. it's a win-win. WALK YOUR FREAKIN DOGS, PEOPLE!

honestly? with the camera? i'm trying to sleep.
so when i see these people out walking their dogs only when the weather is nice, there's a part of me that wants to tell them off and ask them to go back in their damn houses and continue doing whatever they were doing when they were too lazy to walk their dogs in the crap weather. obviously, these people do not need to be out at 5:30, so why are they then, making my life hell and giving me dirty looks while they're at it?

immature as this may be, i feel like it's not fair that they get to just do whatever they want without any concern for those of us who purposely walk their dogs at less-populated times of day.

what's worse is that these people are most definitely clueless about reactivity or fearful dogs or aggressive dogs or any of that stuff. because when they see me see them and do an about-face and sometimes then run away to create as much space as possible--as in, run two blocks away around a corner because we can't be anywhere near them--they often wind up crossing my path again, and when they see us the second time, they do absolutely nothing to make my life easier (like head in another direction themselves or at the very least cross the street). sometimes, it's fairly obvious where i've gone off to with desmond and these people essentially follow us, and i want to scream. 

OK, well, i'll get up if you have a bone
that's what happened yesterday morning. 

not only did that happen, but it happened after i got to our "safe block" and was then confronted by a second dog & human--so i did another about-face, and then i saw the first dog & human not far behind me. 

frustrating, stressful, and exhausting.

maybe i need to get over myself, but i don't understand why these people don't understand that it would be in everyone's best interest to go in the opposite direction.

in addition to that, i often am faced with the situation in which we come upon a dog and his human, and desmond reacts faster than i can. within seconds, he's in full-blown reactivity mode and i'm trying to drag him away, which is not always easy. i swear to you, 90% of the time, the other dog walker will just stand there and stare at us in disgust/horror/amazement. no joke. they will just stand right the hell in the same damn spot while i struggle and desmond goes more and more nuts.


go away!

why would anyone not immediately vacate the area?? why would they want to stand there and witness that and make things so much worse when they can much more easily than i can, in that moment, just simply make themselves scarce?

don't expect me to put on a happy face about it, though
there are even people who will stick around and continue going about their business and let their dog sniff/pee whatever, all nonchalant. i have more respect for these folks, because they seem less freaked out by desmond's antics, and that leads me to believe they maybe sort of get what i'm dealing with on the other end of my leash. at the same time, i wish they, too, would just move along. their dog may not give a hoot, they may not give a hoot, but leaving the area would be an improvement all around, and i don't comprehend why anyone would not want to do exactly that.

frustrating, stressful, and exhausting.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Examiner.com Article: Rockville Centre & Dogs

my latest Examiner.com article definitely has a local focus. the village of Rockville Centre has found its name in the doggie news recently, for the WKC show and pet therapy. feel free to peruse, even if you're not from Long Island:

Rockville Centre in the news for WKC Dog Show and Pet Therapy

thanks again to all of you for letting me post these links here and not setting me up with a public quartering or boycotting my blog in response!

all i kept thinking the whole time i was writing that article is how desmond would be the worst therapy dog. he's so not interested in people who are interested in him--typical young male, right? ;-) he would say hi, sniff, and then look away. or he might even walk away. so rude. the patients would not appreciate his playing hard to get.

and on a total side note, our village of East Rockaway now has not one but two doggie waste areas (both immediately outside parks that dogs are not allowed in, which confuses me, but whatever)! woo! we're getting more dog friendly. yay!

really bad cell phone, pic, i know. sorry!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dog-friendly Atlantic City, Part 3: The Ridiculous

today i finally have the final installment of my little series, Dog-friendly Atlantic City: The Good, the Bad, and the Ridiculous.

if you missed Part 1: The Good, you can catch up here. if you missed Part 2: The Bad, you can catch up here.

The Ridiculous

i don't think there were too many other dogs staying at Showboat that weekend--we saw/heard maybe five, tops. this was a good thing for Reaction Jackson, but it led us into a false sense of security when we first arrived.

shockingly, he wasn't horrifically behaved in the halls (i kind of expected him to harass every stranger for a greeting), but as soon as another dog was within a 50-mile radius of desmond, he was, well, desmond about it.

and, of course, we were the only people there with a dog at the top of the weight maximum who's part pit bull. everyone else who brought a dog had some little furry thing that could be hauled in a purse or carrier and looked cute in its winter jacket instead of dorky (as desmond tends to look in his sherlock holmes-esque fleece). so, it was a bit of a scene, even when it wasn't a scene, if that makes any sense.

you would think the lack of doggies in the halls would mean we'd have a pretty good shot at privacy for desmond's sake. we had an end room with only one neighbor and were across from the vending machines, so things seemed promising. there's that false sense of security again...

as it turned out, our neighbor had a yippy, yappy, yelpy barking dog, and the vending machines attracted foot traffic and noise (i swear i have never been to a hotel with a busier vending machine. it was crazy.) these are all things that make desmond a bit nutty, because he's the nosiest dog i know. he absolutely must be involved in everything going on everywhere. he thinks he's the town mayor.

plus, the yappy dog was alone for most of the day/night. this dog would start barking every time it heard a noise, pretty much, so as we first came into the room, it was total chaos. after desmond took a tour of the area and sniffed everything, he stopped moving long enough to hear the barking. he had his typical reaction that started with a soft whine and ended with howling, because he couldn't see or find the dog.

side note: upon hearing about this escalation, you might think we have a chance at an extinction burst here (or elsewhere). you would be sadly mistaken. desmond does not do extinction; he prefers a sore throat/lost voice and stressed out, angry, embarrassed parents. this is why our original attempt at basically ferberizing desmond at night was a failure of epic proportions. end side note.

in any case, he kept running around the room, jumping on the bed, and barking at the wall. he was trying to find a spot where he could see the dog. poor thing doesn't understand how walls work.

he was beyond all ability to be distracted by us, toys, or food. obviously, neither dog stopped being dramatic because they could hear one another. horrible cycle of them riling each other up continuously. i wanted to hide under the bed.

like most dog-friendly hotels, there are rules about behavior and noise. i thought for sure we were going to get tossed out in the cold--oh, yeah, that's right. it was cold!

it was the freakin coldest weekend we've had since winter of 2010-11. so we couldn't even go anywhere with him for exercise/fun. going out to potty was a horrific experience. it must have been like 10 degrees. ridiculous. today, as i write this, it's 46 degrees. really, global warming? thanks for not helping me out last month. jerkface.

maybe you're thinking that none of this sounds all that ridiculous. for me, it was horrible. it was like all the doggie gods got together to conspire against us and make this weekend not go well. between the weather and the foot traffic and the barking dog next door, i thought i was going to lose my mind at one point.

i really don't do well being "stuck" somewhere. if i choose to stay in and do nothing for a night, that's fine. i can handle it when it's my choice. but when i feel like i'm being forced to do that, i get very antsy.

there was a point at which i considered pumping desmond full of composure treats just so i wouldn't have to be on edge about noises/visitors. joey told me i was being nuts and that i was way too worried, because desmond was honestly behaving just fine, and i was merely being the paranoid parent.

in fact, joey thought it went so well, he'd do it again, albeit in better weather so we could go to the boardwalk and whatnot. i think, looking back on it, i can say i agree with him: i'll try it one more time over the summer and see if things go better--or, rather, if i feel better about it when we're not trapped in the room.

i will say this, though: travel with a dog who can be crated would be approximately 3456724758792 times easier. oh, desmond. i still love you. 

desmond loves me, too, but you know what he really loved? the king-size bed. dude was in his glory. he didn't mind having a new couch to lounge on either.

all tucked in on the couch (we brought his blanket from home)

stretched out on the bed. he's really not all that big of a dog and yet he makes the king bed look not all that big.

tucked in on the big bed and in a sun puddle? desmond, you're so spoiled. it's ridic.

another snooze in the bed
looking dapper on the couch after we arrived and he finally settled down

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

super quick post with a new examiner.com article for the holiday. 

coming very soon: the last installment of the atlantic city shenanigans...

also, i'm giving up on editing those videos of desmond playing fetch, but i will post the youtube versions soon, too.

Monday, February 13, 2012

February is Pet Dental Health Month

my latest Examiner.com article is one we can all learn a little from, in regards to the dental health of our pups (and kitties, too). 
also, here are some flattering shots of desmond from the first time we attempted to brush his teeth. please don't tell him i posted these on the internet!

looks comfortable, no?
for anyone who is horrified that my husband has desmond in a headlock, please know that we have since switched to the little thimble-type brush thingy (that's the technical term), and it's far more tolerable for everyone involved. desmond doesn't like it, but he puts up with it.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Dog-friendly Atlantic City, Part 2: The Bad

today i have the continuation of my little series, Dog-friendly Atlantic City: The Good, the Bad, and the Ridiculous.

if you missed Part 1: The Good, you can catch up here.

The Bad

side note: before i even get into the rest of the story about our trip, i need to digress. you may be asking yourself, "self, why in the hell did these people go to atlantic city for a weekend just to sit in the hotel room? that's pretty stupid." 

i realize how crazy that plan sounds, but it was a trip for my friend's birthday party, and the only way i could work out being able to attend was via a family outing. my awesome husband is awesome and awesomely offered to stay in the room with the dog while i went to my friend's dinner. end side note.

i previously mentioned that we cannot crate desmond, which means that we could not leave him in the room alone for any length of time. being trapped in the room meant that our meals came from room service. room service meant that, multiple times a day, a strange person would come knock on our door and enter with food. can you guess what that meant?

no, no. desmond didn't run off with anyone's waffles, but he did go bonkers in regards to the people, like he does when delivery folks come to our door at home. in a hotel room, we have no option other than to hold him back or run into the bathroom with him. either way, the guest is immediately freaked out by the crazy noises he's making and gusto with which he's trying to get to the person.

if you've been following along here--or have a leash-reactive dog yourself--you know that being held back makes things worse for desmond. he wants to greet them; they want to run away. not a fun time. we really need to work on desensitizing him to bells and knocks and arrivals. he always calms down pretty quickly once he is allowed to greet someone (like at home when guests come over), but we know it's not good enough. plus, he's still got his puppy nipping tendency, which we're having a hell of a time getting rid of. add it to the list of things we need to fix...

a new thing i'm trying at home is to bring desmond into a back room and play with him/shovel treats into his mouth whenever the doorbell rings in hopes that he'll start associating the bell with treats instead of OH MY GOD SOMEONE IS COMING OVER OH MY GOD WHO IS IT? WHO IS IT? WHO IS IT?

side note: in my Animal Behavior College classes, i learned that puppy nipping is the type of behavior that is usually seen only in very young puppies--not in almost-2-year-old dogs. when i read this section of the coursework, i actually got choked up and had to stop, because i started thinking about how much those jerkfaces who kept him in that cage messed him up and stunted his growth (physically, mentally, emotionally). i don't know if i'll ever get over what they did to him or how it's affecting him still. it's extremely upsetting on a near-daily basis. end side note.

part of the challenge of being trapped in the room was finding ways to entertain desmond. alas, we are no fools and we brought his current favorite ball to play with, and we were lucky to get a decent sized room with space for him to run. he is so fetch obsessed.

waiting for the toss

not dropping it

after the drop

stopping for a chew

more of his, "i must chew this before giving it back" routine

waiting for dad to pick up the ball

waggy tail

a break to see who that dog in the mirror is

so, fetch does keep him busy for a while and eventually tires him out. thank goodness, because we definitely had the need for a tired dog. more on that in part 3!


also, here's my latest Examiner.com article. this one's about the WKC show and the new competing breeds, like one mr. alfie. this particular article made it to the examiner.com homepage, which was very exciting. it currently resides not on the main homepage but on the WKC show homepage. i'm not sure how long it will be there, but give a look-see. and in case it has since been banished to the archives, here it is in its permanent home: New breeds competing at the 2012 Westminster Kennel Club show

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Oh, Desmond...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Puppy Bowl or Super Bowl?

i meant to post this Examiner.com link yesterday morning, but was frantically trying to get out the door to a brunch to celebrate the husband's dart team's championship win, and i just didn't get the chance. better late than never!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dog-friendly Atlantic City, Part 1: The Good

after writing out this entire post, i realized that it might take you a fortnight to read it and that seemed inconsiderate, so i'm breaking it up into three parts: the good, the bad, and the ridiculous.

a few weeks ago, desmond took his first trip to Atlantic City for a weekend stay at Showboat. because i suck at life, i didn't bring a real camera and was stuck taking pictures with my phone. aside from the quality of my phone's photos being generally horrible unless you're outdoors, there's no way to take a decent picture with the phone if there's any movement in the frame. so, some of the pictures in the series are blurry, but that just means desmond was running around, which means he was happy, which means he wasn't whining/barking/howling, which means i wasn't dying of embarrassment.

let me explain...

The Good

Showboat seems to be pretty into the Pet Stay program. they start your trip by giving every doggie room a bag o' goodies. behold:

a cute little collar tag
a door hanger to warn the passers by and hotel staff (this now resides on our bedroom doorknob)
a set of bowls (this is the smaller of the two)
two bags of yummy organic treats. the peanut butter ones looked and smelled just like those Nature Valley bars!

the dog-friendly rooms at Showboat are a relatively new thing. when we were walking around in the hallway/lobby, many people were confused by desmond's presence. that being said, people were mostly happy to see desmond. we didn't run into too many non-dog people. this was definitely a good thing.

only one tower in the hotel has the dog-friendly rooms, and those rooms are on only two floors. i guess they aren't getting a lot of dog business, but i hope it picks up and expands and then other hotels follow suit. my family's "home casino" is Harrah's, and i'd love to be able to stay there with my parents.

during our trip, something awesome happened: desmond discovered the wonders of high-rise windows.

who knew this could be so exciting for a dog?

"which way did he go, george? which way did he go?"

"dad, what is the deal with these birds? are we bigger than them?"

"we've got to get out there and investigate!"

"whoa, what is going on over there??"

he was amazed, and i was all smiles watching him be amazed.

our biggest challenge traveling with desmond is that he cannot be crated. this means we can't leave him in the room, and that means we were essentially trapped in there. why is this bad? find out in part 2!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dog Activities (two Examiner.com pieces) & Doggie Stylish Goodies

i've got craziness times ten going on around here, so today i've got my two latest Examiner.com articles plus a bit of rambling, but i do have a post about our trip with desmond to atlantic city in the works for this weekend. feeling a little out of touch these days, but i'm trying to get it together!


Dog-friendly things to do in LI & Dog-related things to do in LI

in other news, the super-awesome Karen over at Doggie Stylish felt bad that desmond's collar broke at the dog sitter's house and graciously offered us her wares as a gift. so incredibly nice of her! i'm extremely grateful.

we decided to go with the black padded-leather collar, because collars seem to bother desmond so much.

(yes, i know that some of you will balk at the use of leather by a dog lover or think that dog love should extend fully to all animals and whatnot, but i am not PETA and also i love bacon and steak and wear leather shoes and for that i will not apologize. please don't stone me, but if you do, please aim away from the face.)

i was beyond pleasantly surprised to discover not just the black padded-leather collar in the package but also the matching leash and the black braided-leather collar & matching leash! generosity to the max, y'all!

matching leashes and collars galore

here are desmond's latest modeling photos:

padded leather (side note: even though we have puttied, sanded, primed, and painted the molding  in the back corner that desmond went to town on in his Destruction Glory Days, you can still see how lumpy and weird it is, even in this dark & small photo. i have no clue how to go about fixing that without semi-major construction and a contractor. i guess i really am never going to sell this house...)

braided leather

we actually decided to go with the braided leather collar for now, because the padded one needs to be kind of worked out to make it more malleable, so we need to play with it a bit. he seems pretty pleased so far, and i like the way it looks (you can't see the details here, but if you click the link above you will).

thank you soooooooooo much, Karen!!

and while i'm talking about unrelated things, i've gotten word that there's been some issues with my commenting system (something about javascript). is anyone having trouble? although, i suspect if you are, you won't be able to comment and tell me. le sigh. you can tweet or FB me, though.

speaking of FB, eagle-eyed followers may notice that the new LWD profile pic is an outtake of sorts from the collar shoot. i actually like the picture a lot, but you can't see the collar in it.

i <3 this weird dude

is anyone else kind of all over the place lately, or is it just me?

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