Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Doggie-writing Venture

i have a fairly exciting (for me) announcement to make: i am the new Long Island Dogs Examiner!

(image approved for use by Examiners)

yup. someone has given me an "official" platform to write about dogs on, and they are going to pay me! well, they're only going to pay me if my posts do well bringing in traffic, but i'll still take it as a compliment. 

a fun and scary fact? they made me submit a headshot. it's my first one ever, and i nearly died of embarrassment ten times while my lovely husband did a photo shoot for me.

my posts there will be, in general, more serious, but they won't be all work and no play--i hope they'll be entertaining and enlightening. i just mean no one who's going to wants to see a bunch of pictures of desmond. (if they change their minds, they can always come here.) the posts will also be shorter (i bet that's a relief for some all of you), but with any luck my passion will still come through. oftentimes, the articles will be focused on Long Island (though i hope to be able to include some less-localized information in every post).

the first article is up here. i would love for you to go check it out and let me know what you think. i'll probably continue to post links to my Examiner articles on Life With Desmond as they go up, in a blatant act of self-promotion. please don't stone me. :-)

because is all about localized content, they're always looking for new writers. if any of you would be interested in becoming an Examiner, please do let me know. i can help!

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