Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Neighbors Don't Think Christmas is Over

so why should i? now seems like a great time to finally share some of the photos we took during the holidays.

christmas eve:

ever since we let desmond sleep in bed with us, he insists he's human--and lounges around after we've gotten up. what a lazy bum.

sporting his christmas bandana from the groomer

oh yes that's right--i won the elf costume battle. sort of. it's not a full-on costume, but at least i got the ears. 

it's really unfortunate, too, because i swore i'd only do this stuff to desmond for our first year together...

 i simply had to get it out of my system. from the look on desmond's face, i'm sure he's really looking forward to Gotcha Day.

"y'all, this is so embarrassing." 

"oh my god, is that a cookie?!" (don't mess with us, desmond. we know what makes you tick.)

and here's a very festive picture of the fireplace over the fireplace. gotta love the yule log.

christmas day morning was interesting. husband and i more or less skipped the whole hullabaloo by deciding to update/upgrade our living room (we're finally getting around to that this weekend), so all we really had going on that morning was desmond's gifts. 

i don't know why i was expecting more from desmond, other than the fact that seemingly every other dog i know in real life or via the magic of the internets goes nuts over their gifts and tears them open just like a little kid. but let's remember who we're dealing with here...

"so...there's an open box of treats here--i know because my mouth is watering--and you want me to do what with it?"

yeah, desmond had no clue and just kept sniffing them, so we tossed him a new ball/tear-up toy. he sniffed that, too.

eventually, at least he sniffed the treats so hard they fell over--not that this helped him figure out he could just take them.

nor could he figure out how to get anything from his stocking. oy vey. we had to empty it out for him.

and then he just sniffed everything some more, making no effort to actually do something with anything.

sniff sniff

sniff sniff

stretching break

sniff sniff

"what are you looking at, dog?"

after we took the bully stick out of the plastic bag, he was like OH! I CAN EAT THIS!

in his weird way, of course

until he got tired of standing
here's a better look at some of the treats we got him:

i was looking to add some variety to his milk bone biscuits

these are even smaller biscuits that come with a cut mark down the middle so they can be snapped in half to a little bigger than pea size--love that

this was desmond getting all up in my photo-taking business

and these are his moist multi-flavor treats. i believe it's chicken, beef, mint, and vanilla cookie. also tiny and also breakable with a cut line.

more mints (you can never be too hygienic), although he doesn't seem too keen on these.

these treats are great, and desmond loves them. this is our third bag. the one problem with them is that the treats are kind of soft and crumbly, so you can't really carry them around in a treat pouch or pocket for very long before they'll turn to dust. however, if you put them in with mixed treats, at least all those will then have a fine cheese powder covering. :-)

even though it didn't look that way, all the christmas excitement tired desmond out. he needed to get some beauty rest before heading over to grandma & grandpa's for dinner. of course, i wouldn't let him.

"ugh, here we go again."

"dad? seriously??"

"i give up."

and this is desmond's hipster portrait, in case you couldn't tell. 

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