Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Dog Likes to Diet

i mentioned that i have to wear a bathing suit for an upcoming trip to the bahamas. i mentioned that this makes me feel nauseous. that, coupled with the fact that none of my pants fit, forced me into having to go on a diet of sorts, and desmond is joining me in my crusade by default.

i'm cutting out fast food, dessert/sugar, potato chips, butter, and cooking with cheese as much as i possibly can without wanting to jump off a bridge (the no-sugar-in-my-coffee thing has so far proved to make me the most sad). this means my fridge is currently stocked with all kinds of fresh fruit & veggies and lots of low-fat dairy & protein. 

desmond is beyond thrilled about all this, because i am a sucker for a cute face, so i always toss him some of whatever i'm preparing (as long as it's safe). he's been enjoying baby spinach, arugula, raspberries, string cheese, and celery (OK, he's actually not too fond of celery. not that it stops him from trying to get some of it while i have it out. he's not too bright sometimes.). 

"mmm! thanks, mom. hey! hold still--i'm trying to get my whole face in there!" 
"wait--where are you going with that? what do you mean, i'm 'making a mess'?"

"seriously. i need that yogurt. come back here."

"i will do my best Stains impression until you bring that cup within reach. i've got all day."

you guys know Stains the dog, right?

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