Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

well, you guys, i've done it again. i've waited way too long to respond to receiving the Kreativ Blogger Award. in truth, i've been generally way behind since christmas. i don't know what happened, but here i am, still reading other people's blog posts from december and staring at my crappy version of an editorial calendar (just a bunch of draft posts consisting mostly of titles) and wondering where i'm going wrong. sometimes, i suck at life. oh well. i'll try harder from now on, i promise. 

in any case, the Kreativ Blogger Award was given to me by Pauley James, Leslie & Bella, and Sage.

i really hope these fine folks do not think the award goes unappreciated. my apologies for being ├╝ber slow, as per usual.

this reward requires that i share some things about myself and/or my dog and then pass it along to 6 blogs. i've seen different rules regarding the number of fun facts to share, so i'll go with the same number as the blogs: 6. chances are, because i have taken oh-so-very-long with this, the blogs i choose will have gotten one already, but who doesn't love getting some love?

  1. snow! we finally had some snow. only a couple inches, but it was the first time anything has been on the ground since we've had desmond. it is not, of course, the first time he's seen snow, but he sure acted like it was. he was not feeling it at first, but eventually decided that doing zoomies in the snow is super awesome. :-)
  2. snow! ugh. we finally got snow. not a lot, but enough that shoveling was required. ugh times 12. lucky for me, my husband is an amazing man. he went out and did all the work while i was inside studying for my Stage 6 ABC test. 
  3. the Stage 6 ABC test was hard. very very hard. the hardest one yet. 20 essay questions! and that was after the 50+ multiple choice questions. and it was all on problem-solving training treatment plans (as in not obedience lessons but stopping things like digging, jumping, nipping, excessive barking, etc.). i have literally no clue how i'm going to remember all this stuff when i start my apprenticeship. they're going to laugh me out of the joint. 
  4. desmond's been obsessively sniffing the ground and trees and poles, etc., ever since the weather got cold enough for frost to be on the ground. before that, he was only mildly interested in sniffing things. he's also increased his marking behavior outside. cold things must be more potent. does your dog do this, too?
  5. the one thing we can count on desmond to do all the time, at the same time (besides whine) is want to go to bed. he seriously has a bedtime, and he seriously gets cranky before it, just like a little kid. i do not think this is normal. is this normal? and it's not even just that he's ready for bed by 8:45 every night, but he refuses to go to bed on his own. he will just act like a little brat until one of us takes him into the bedroom, even though he has free reign and can go in the bedroom whenever he damn well pleases when we're at home. why? why why why?
  6. in case you missed it, check out our Long Island Dogs Examiner page! (shameless, shameless. i know. but i warned you.)
okie dokie. let's pass the award along now, yes?

  1. Life with Arie. Arie's a white German shepherd, and she's one of the cutest damn things i've ever seen. i like the style of this blog very much, and i think you will, too.
  2. Life With Claire. Claire reminds me a lot of Desmond, physically. also the pictures Lauren (yup, another Lauren) posts on her blog are stunning. go look at them!
  3. The Daily Dog Blog. three resident kitties, one resident dog, plus one long-term visiting dog. lots to see here! also a nice blog to look at. very clean. very calm. still lots of pretty pictures, though.
  4. Two Grad Students and a Pittie. exactly what it sounds like, but their unique take on blogging is why i chose this blog. the letters from a dog walker feature is my favorite.
  5. Pet Blogs United. there's so much going on at this blog, and it's not just about dogs. this is a great place for new bloggers to connect with the community. and the site is very stylish. and speaking of stylish...
  6. Doggie Stylish. this is more than a blog; it's also a store where you can buy some snazzy collars. (they really are snazzy. i now have some. and i will post pix of that soon. or, rather, one day. :-/ ) the DIY posts on this blog make me laugh, because i am the opposite of crafty, but they're all really cute.

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