Monday, January 9, 2012

Desmond & the Dog-sitter

i'm sure some of you are wondering what the heck happened with desmond and the dog-sitter after all my dramatics. the short version is this: nothing really happened & he was fine.

the long version is this...

when we got to the sitter's house, we were thrilled to learn that she was watching two dogs in addition to desmond; so there was a total of four dogs at her house. awesome. desmond immediately went bonkers and started running around with the pups. he probably thought he was at an indoor dog park.

his new friends were spot, the senior female dalmation who lives there; dash, a male white lab; and another male dog who was kind of small and stocky and had scruffy poodle-ish hair (we never caught this guy's name).

desmond was so busy running around that when we left, he had no clue. this was the best possible scenario, because i didn't have any opportunity to say goodbye and get all upset. and he didn't have to go through that either.

we spoke to the sitter a couple hours later to see how things were going and to tell her something we had forgotten to mention, and she said desmond was still running around and had become buddies with dash. they were chasing each other up and down the stairs (which are carpeted, thank goodness) and all over the house. after hearing that, i felt even better and moved on with my life.

believe it or not, i didn't call the sitter again the entire time we were in cleveland! i swear!

enjoying some treats as soon as we got him back home

we did finally call her when we realized we were coming home a day early and could therefore pick him up a day early, and she told us everything had been fine.

when we picked him up, he was super excited to see joey and jumped all over him, which he never really does. i came in behind joey and desmond kind of said hi to me and then went back to fawn over his dad, as per usual. friggin jerky dog.

the sitter did tell us that on the first night, after desmond stopped running around, he finally realized we weren't there and he started to pace and go to the door, like he was looking for us. he seemed to be getting anxious, so she gave him some composure treats, but that was the only time she used them during his stay. desmond got to sleep in her son's bed every night, and her son had a sleepover with his friends at one point, so i'm sure desmond was beyond thrilled about all the attention he got.

the only weird thing that happened was that his collar broke. she had a spare collar around, so she gave that to us, which was very nice of her. the collar broke while her son was playing fetch with desmond in the yard. they don't have their yard all fenced in, so we had brought over our tie-out, and he was on that when they were playing. so, he took off after the ball and the plastic clasp broke when he got to the end of the line.

that's partially my own fault though, because i knew that the collar itself was too small for a dog of desmond's size. it's too skinny for his weight, but he was always scratching at his original correctly-sized collar. we tried a thinner design in hopes it would be more comfortable for him.

i won't make that mistake again, and i'm very grateful the collar didn't break under some other far more problematic circumstance. for now, he's back in his original collar whether he likes it or not. we're going to return the sitter's collar to her the next time we use Goodnight Lucky, which will probably be this summer.

after we left the house, desmond immediately passed out in the car, which is completely the opposite of his usual car-ride persona. strange. then he proceeded to sleep many many more hours shortly after we got him back home. he seemed a little confused about where he was and what was going on. he wasn't acting quite like himself, but by the next morning he was completely fine. poor guy. must have been emotionally draining for him or whatever the dog equivalent of that would be.

all in all, everything was just lovely, and i think that i'll be way less freaked out the next time we go on vacation. we'll find out soon enough...

photo time!

someone's enjoying his fake stick, i see. not so much enjoying the picture-taking his mom is doing. get over yourself, dog. you love us.
doggie hand warmer: no need for plugs or batteries. not as useful as a snuggie, though, since you can't walk around the house wearing it.
looking annoyed while he's trying to sleep. i'm sure that's our fault.

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