Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012-ish Goals

obligatory post? probably, but i loves me some lists, y'all. you know it!

here are my random goals for this year, or perhaps next. some are about the blog, some are not, and some are just plain silly. i try not to make sweeping "i'm going to be a better person" resolutions. i feel like resolutions don't last and are often disingenuous--and if you really want to change something about yourself, i see no reason to wait around for the 1st of january to do it. i do not buy into that whole "new year, new you" thing (i also don't buy into showing extra love to family and friends on holidays. can you not love these people year round??). so this is more of a list of stuff i'd like to do sometime sooner rather than later.

  • finish the ABC program to become a professional dog trainer--and actually have some sort of paying job in the field
  • first get through the ABC shelter practicum and externship without having a panic attack
  • conquer desmond's leash reactivity (that weird sound you hear is me cackling in NY)
  • not want to throw up at the thought of donning a bikini for a bahamas destination wedding in june (hey, at least i won't have to worry about that lake-effect snow for this one!)
  • redesign the blog. for real this time.
  • get serious about freelance editing work
  • have a large christmas tree
  • put my house back to the way it was before desmond came and trashed it
  • get desmond to go potty in one specific section of the yard
Doggie Potty
not that we have snakes, but i may have to consider adding some to deter desmond from the damn garden & socializing areas. (image from flickr)

  • achieve near-perfect recall at all times
  • acquire the ability to play Rock Band bass guitar on hard
  • take better pictures of the dog for the blog...
  • or the gallery wall(s) that will get made
  • acquire the power to repel all mosquitoes at all times or at least be able to resist scratching all my skin off after i get bitten
  • plant a foliage garden, a vegetable garden, and an herb garden and not kill any of them (the Scooby-Doo Chia Pet joey got me for christmas does not count)
  • teach desmond the meaning of "excuse me" (as in, "get the hell out of the way, dog!" not as in, "oops, i burped." although, desmond does seem to enjoy burping directly at me)
  • hike more! i even have fancy shoes for it now. got them for my B-Day--in 2010--and never used them. so pathetic! 
(image from

  • acquire a sewing machine and the ability to hem my own pants (i took a sewing class in college, and it did not go well. my hopes for this one are not high. i mean, i'm sure we'll buy the sewing machine at some point, but i can't promise my sewing skills will magically appear.)
  • get one of those seriously huge 70+" TVs for free somehow
  • not have my yard ruined by a hurricane
  • invent zero-calorie french fries and/or cheese*
  • think before i speak. simply speak less. be a better person. learn that i actually do not need 90% of the groupon deals i think i do.
  • figure out google+
  • build desmond an outdoor dog house
(image from All Pet Furniture)

what about you guys? any ridiculous plans for the year?

*i know you're excited, but please don't hound me about this one. my follow-through on tough projects isn't very good, and you'll just make me feel like a failure.

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