Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vacation = Sadness

in a few days, we leave for our very first trip to cleveland for a friend's wedding--a new year's eve wedding, in fact! this should be very exciting, and, under normal circumstances, i'd be busting at the seams to just go already. 

life with desmond does not provide normal circumstances. the night before we leave, we bring desmond to the dog sitter. i am sad. 

i've never been away from him for more than 24 hours. we'll be away from him for a large handful of days. too many for me, but i know it's a done deal.

i'm not worried about the sitter. he's stayed with her once before, and i know he will be in good hands with the companionship of kids and a sweet senior dalmation named spot. we found our sitter through this fantastic service called Goodnight Lucky
if you live in long island or eastern queens, i highly recommend you check out that link. if you don't live in those places, i highly recommend you check out that link and then open a business just like it to serve your local area.

there are any number of benefits to using Goodnight Lucky, but my very favorite one--and nearly the entire reason we chose them--is that your dog has company. all of the sitters who work for Goodnight Lucky must be home full time! your doggie will not be alone!

and that's crucial for desmond.

both of our sets of parents would be willing to watch desmond for us, but they also all work. desmond would have to be left in their homes alone all day. we've never tried leaving him alone somewhere other than our own house, so we're not sure if he would revert to separation anxiety destruction or not. he also might just be curious about his new surroundings and wind up making a mess of things while he's exploring. as you may or may not know, we do not and cannot crate desmond--or this wouldn't be any kind of issue. the way things stand, it's a bit risky for our parents.

so, Goodnight Lucky it is! and i don't have any problems with that at all. here are the things i am having a hard time with:
  • am i going to bawl my eyes out when we drop him off, therefore making him think something awful is happening?
  • is he going to miss us too much and be miserable for almost a week?
  • is he going to forget about us?
  • is he going to think we've abandoned him?
  • is he going to like his temporary family better than us?
  • is he going to show signs of separation anxiety at our place once we get back?
  • i'm off for a couple days before we bring him to the sitter. is this going to make things worse?
  • is he going to freak out when we start packing?
  • is he going to hate us for leaving him?
  • can i call him on the phone? is that weird? will it even be meaningful--will he know my voice if i talk to him on a phone? no, seriously, is that weird? i'm crazy, right?
  • what if there's some kind of medical emergency and we're not around?
  • what if there's some kind of crazy blizzard in cleveland--or NY for that matter--and we can't get home?
  • what if he gets lost?
  • more crazy-person thoughts, etc., etc.
i really, really, really don't want to leave him. the more i think about it, the more upset and nervous i get.

what can i do to be less insane? and what can i do to make this better/easier for him both before we leave? he will have all his stuff with him at the sitter's house and i plan to do our usual work-day leaving ritual with him in hopes that will seem "normal" (even though it will be at night). but, really, i'm freaking out. like a loon. please advise me before i go straight off the deep end and my husband decides to just leave me home while he goes off to have fun on a much-needed vacation.

on a total side note, you may have noticed that i posted six days in a row last week. i wanted to see what life would be like if i posted every day, as many folks do. it was exhausting and time consuming and resulted in many dirty looks from desmond while i was typing away and will probably not be happening again. i don't know how you people do it! i'm going to stick with my random non-schedule of posting and leave it at that, but--hey--at least i can say i tried. while we're traveling, i may not have much access to the magical world of the internets, so in case i don't say it later, please do have a wonderful and lovely new year's eve!

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