Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stella & Chewy's Carnivore Kisses freeze-dried chicken treats

free stuff is great, is it not? we got some free stuff not long ago for being quick on the keyboard. the Go Pet Friendly newsletter hooked us up!
and isn't it especially great when it's free edible stuff? i mean, really, i loves me some free food and drink, so why wouldn't desmond feel the same way? actually, he sort of gets everything for free, so never mind him. 

we, on the other hand, usually have to pay for things, and i least hate paying for things when i know said things are high quality and desirable. like i now know the stella & chewy treats are.

freeze-dried chicken--YUM! (or so says desmond. i have no particular desire to try them myself.) p.s. this image is from a google product search and, as you can see from the link back, the prices of these bad boys vary quite a bit. our price of FREE cannot be beat. sorry!
if chicken is not yo' thang--or if you're feeling super paranoid about chicken in general right now due to all the china craziness (we threw away a bunch of rawhide/dehydrated chicken chews last night)--do not fret. there are a bunch of other flavors:

Angus Beef 
Wild Alaskan Salmon  
but the chicken is safe, too! everything's 100% all-natural and sourced from USDA-inspected facilities. as in: not from china, not even the chicken. (insert ultra-macho "USA" chant here.)

if that's still not enough for you, please read the following from their website:

We’re sticklers for safety.

On every Stella & Chewy’s package, you’ll find a seal that states that this product has gone through the SecureByNature food safety process, our exclusive patent pending process. Every batch we make is tested by an independent laboratory for harmful bacteria before packaging. We’re so confident in the quality and safety of our products, the test results are posted on our website!

mr. wonky legs is not usually a fan of chicken flavored food or treats, other than actual chicken, although he does like the Trader Joe's chicken jerky sticks (really? the best link i could find for these was on ebay? um...OK). Stella & Chewy's, however, has found the way to his heart.

desmond is not generally a drooler. i've learned about the foods--usually human--that make him drool. these include thanksgiving turkey, treats in liver flavor, and now the Stella & Chewy's version of chicken.

desmond is also not a jumper (other than over things he presumes to be in his way). he doesn't jump on guests or us. he doesn't even jump up to grab toys held out in the air unless we encourage him to. much of this has to do with his wonky legs, but he's significantly stronger in that area now. he absolutely can do it, but i think he's still unsure. plus, our floors are fairly slippery. poor guy.

guess what made him jump...unprovoked...on me...nearly knocking me over? oh, yes. S&C's Carnivore Kisses freeze-dried chicken treats.

did someone say, "reenactment"?

showing him the treat. he's interested but not too sure about the effort involved.

encouraging him by starting with the "gimme ten!" cue

desmond goes for it half-heartedly as i brace myself for impact. still no treat acquired.

there it is! good job, des. you work those wonky legs!

keepin' it real:
  • yes, those are slippers i'm wearing and, yes, they are sparkly in real life.
  • yes, those fleece pants are enormous on me because i am vertically challenged and too lazy to hem them.
  • yes, that wee li'l tree in the background is part of our Desmond-Friendly Christmas (a post with more information on that is in the works, along with a Thanksgiving post. i am slow.)
  • yes, those are still the same dog-eaten blinds in that window. i want to change all the blinds in the house at the same time and cannot decide between roman shades and those hexagon/waffle blinds for my life.
i think a round of applause is in order for the Go Pet Friendly folks. thanks for the awesome treats, guys!!

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