Friday, December 23, 2011

Crazy-Dog Holiday Décor

i keep reading all these other blog posts featuring big, gorgeous trees with pretty ornaments and feeling a little jealous.

last year was our first christmas in our first house, so we were finally able to get a big, real christmas tree. before that, we lived in apartments on the second floor, and it just wasn't that easy to get a big tree. instead, we would get tabletop trees or trees that were no more than 4 feet tall or so.

this year, i have a crazy dog. a dog who has been known to do his own landscaping. granted, it was on a plant, and it was a long time ago when he was causing lots of other destruction, but i felt nervous about a christmas tree, because it only took him three times to fully destroy that somewhat-significant plant. plus, there's the poisoning potential. he's a weird fella. i would not be surprised at all to find him munching down on some branches and quenching his thirst with pine-flavored water.

in addition to the tree, we have other decorations we typically display around the house. most of these are displayed at fairly low levels--on coffee tables, TV stands, hung from lower shelves, etc. clearly that was not going to be an option. actually, maybe i shouldn't say that. we don't really know if desmond would have bothered with these things or not, but i wanted to set him up to succeed instead of fail. i figure next year, he'll be almost 3 at this time, and we can give it a whirl. for now, if it ain't broke...

so, here are our semi-lame solutions to our crazy-dog holiday décor issues:

our wee li'l tree. it's a potted plant, actually, that we fully intend to transfer to the ground in the spring. we didn't want to have no tree, so we had to find something that was small enough to be easily hidden away in the spare room when we weren't home.

after leaving the table and place mats out for a couple weeks and seeing no signs of interest from desmond, we switched those out for a tree skirt instead.

so things are looking more like this now. still totally crazy, though, because all those ornaments are way too big for this tiny tree. it's kind of wild looking in person, but it makes us laugh.

here's one of those way-too-big ornaments. i got this for $10 through a doggyloot deal. it's not cheap looking at all. very nice. an excellent purchase for sure.

here's a pic of the tree lit up. we used two strands of battery-operated window lights we already had and taped the battery boxes to the back of the pot. this is a very high-end operation we're running over here.

here's where it gets more ridiculous. can you guess what this is?

how about now?

if you said, "that's obviously a wreath being used as a shade for a hanging pendant," you win a gold star!

so, yeah... that's the wreath we hung on our front door last year. this year we wanted to get a real wreath since we couldn't have the big real tree we wanted. we also didn't want to neglect our existing wreath. joey came up with this idea to take the glass shade off our dining room light and tie the wreath up to the metal frame that hangs from the ceiling. it's crazy but it works. we also then used the light's chain to hang some larger glass ornaments that were given to us by friends.

i have come to like this so much that i think i'll at least use the chain to hang ornaments every year.  the wreath...i don't know...

the rest of our decorations had to be placed out of desmond's reach, just in case. that means our house looks nuts, overall.

on top of our china cabinet is where this glass dish with beaded garland and a hurricane vase full of scented pine cones has to live when we aren't home. even our christmas cards have been hung up pretty high. i suspect that we'll wind up with enough cards to get down to the bottom-ish of the cabinet. that should be interesting...

desmond's stocking hangs from the top of our bar. all that's in it right now is one squeaky toy. most of his other gifts are edible, so they are stored in an upstairs bedroom, in their unopened shipping package. he still totally knows that box is for him, though. he sniffs at it like nuts whenever he follows us up there.

the floating shelf on the left houses many of our holiday knick-knacks, and we hung our stockings from the tops of the bookshelves in the living room--keeping them empty, of course, as a precaution. and, yes, that is a jets santa hat on top of the shelf.

here's the other stocking and our christmas-countdown pillow (safely stored away up top)

probably the worst part about all of this is that we are either too forgetful or too lazy to move half of this stuff down to a more normal level when we are home so we can enjoy it. even the tree sometimes winds up staying in the spare room. poor tree.

and while i'm talking about christmas, now seems like a good time to share our thanksgiving pictures! (aren't i the worst?)

here's desmond looking dapper before we left. doesn't it really look like he's wearing a white shirt since he's so white in the front?

showing off in front of the family

this is just to show you the tie & shirt collar more closely. the collar can go on around your dog's real collar and has a velcro closure. i love it. i want it in a million colors. we got it from Baxter Boo.

and here's the best picture we could get--out of, oh, seven or eight--of desmond and two of his human cousins (mozart the pomeranian's sisters):

i still think they're all very cute, but i may be biased

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