Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chinese Takeout = Bad Dog Parenting

sometimes, we could do a better job with desmond. like when we should really be remembering to move the garbage before we leave the house, yet somehow we forget...

i particularly enjoy how, on this occasion, his kong is in the mix. what a hungry, hungry hippo.

chinese food started it all. the bones of chicken wings and ribs were in our garbage one day--after many many many days of desmond not giving a hoot about the garbage--and he went to great lengths to get at them. (yes, i know this is very bad. he turned out to be fine, though, thank goodness.)

after that day, he was knocking over the Can of Treasure every day, in hopes of finding more chinese food. i know this is true because he rarely ate anything that was actually in there. he has passed over partial pizza slices more than once. from the photo above, all he consumed was the fat-free plain greek yogurt, which had been unopened (it was ever so slightly past its sell-by date, so i just tossed the full container. again, he turned out fine.). kind of lame, right? he ignored that empty bacon package entirely. why would that thing not be fully cleaned and torn to shreds? weirdo.

so we started removing the garbage bag or moving the can back into the spare room like we used to. most of the time, we remember; more often than i'd like to admit, we don't. that's when we come home to a replay of the scene above, all thanks to the damn chinese takeout we insist on ordering once a week. yesterday when the garbage was full of onions and garlic? yup. we left it in the kitchen. thankfully, he had no interest in those, though he seemingly ate half an eggshell. oh, desmond.

what kind of weird goodies is your dog into? would that skittles wrapper have been toast in your house? do tell!

p.s.: part 2 of the anxiety post series is coming up for ya, tomorrow!

p.p.s.: this morning, i caught desmond licking a wooden electrical-wire pole. not sniffing it--licking it. seriously, dog??

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