Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cash Giveaway! Social Media for Social Good: Part 2

ready for another way to enter to win $112 for you and $213 to give to the non-profit animal charity of your choice??

today's entries are twitter-centric; so, if you didn't want to use your facebook account to enter for the prize, or if you simply don't have a facebook account, perhaps this is the method for you! if you already entered with the facebook rafflecopter widget posted here, no worries--you can enter again today. and if you haven't yet entered with the facebook rafflecoper, no worries--head on back and go for it! all rafflecopter entry widgets will remain open until 12/29.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

because i will be giving the prize money--all of it--to the Ruff House Rescue in Oceanside, NY if i win, i thought that i would actually post some more of their old pictures of desmond from when they first pulled him from animal control and when he went to live with his foster mom while he recovered from his neuter surgery.

all of these photos have been pulled from RHR's FB page

this is back when he was known as David, around the end of January/beginning of February

we officially made him ours on April 1st, but we met him on March 20th

he looks very sad, no? well, he kind of always looks like that, but i think you can tell that this is real sadness here.

not to say that RHR is what made him sad--no, no, no.

they did nothing but take very good care of him. look at all that cheese!! he doesn't even get that here at home! mostly because i'm simply stingy with my cheese...

i believe these photos were taken at his foster home

doesn't he already seem happier, just to be in a loving home, even temporarily?

his love for tennis balls knows no bounds

his foster sibling (not another foster but a permanent resident of the house)

perhaps we should have known he would munch up our door frames...

oh, skinny and wonky to the max
here's desmond with some of his old buds from the Ruff House. it actually wasn't all that long ago that caine, the big dude on the left, finally got adopted. caine was still at RHR when we were going down there with desmond in tow to volunteer, and he was always so happy to see his friend.

thanks again to hosting blogs Two Little Cavaliers and Pamper Yourself in Pink and to all the other bloggers who have joined up and donated to help make this event a success so far.

don't forget that after today there will still be one more chance to enter--via google plus, or G+ if you're extra cool--and the contest closes 12/29. good luck to all and thanks for participating! 

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