Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: playtime

folks, it has been a crazy week around here, and i have barely had any time to either post or read posts. i need to take a vacation day or something! i blame this on school, work, contractors who have taken over my yard & driveway, and far too many events on my social calendar. you know when you just want to RSVP "no" to everything for a few months? that's me right now.

anyway, now that this post is not at all wordless, let's move on to the pictures. here's a series of pix we took while playing with desmond's favorite ball. i love seeing him excited, happy, and attentive like this, even when it means he makes multiple attempts to chomp our hands off. in almost every shot, he's staring down the ball obsessively. these were not all taken at the same time, by the way.

waiting for the toss

when the ball goes under the chair, desmond gets confused

"come on, dad, throw it!"

desmond doesn't always catch it, but i think he has more fun chasing it anyway

while the ball is in the air...

and now we begin the chew...

may as well get comfortable

taking a break to ponder if he thinks the ball is just too far away to make an effort with (true story)
what happens when desmond exhausts himself with the ball

FYI: this ball has since been destroyed but it lasted us a long time and he absolutely went nuts over it. it is the jw megalast ball. we also got one for desmond's DBFFs luca and jackie, and they seem to like it as well.

total side note: flea & tick, etc., topical preventative meds--how important are they in the fall & winter months on the south shore of long island, new york? we're right next door to a big park and close to dock/marina areas, not to mention the channel/ocean. we use Advantix II. i know many people are not into using these kinds of things at all, but we are. however, do we really need it when it's not hot/summer/spring? am i wasting my time and money? (we also use the heartworm prevention pills all year long. is that a waste when there are no mosquitoes??)

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