Friday, November 4, 2011

things worth reading

how long has this week been? forever and half long, right? terrible!

in honor of it being friday, i'm phoning it in to share a few things i came across that i thought would be worth taking a gander at.

first we have a helpful article from HomeAgain with some tips on decorating for the holidays while keeping your pet safe. i have already come to terms with the fact that i cannot have my beloved poinsettia plant nor hang mistletoe nor have our big real tree. desmond is not to be trusted. we will probably get one of those small potted trees from the florist and then plant it in our yard after the holidays are over. we'll have to hide it away on a daily basis when we leave for work, but that's doable.

next is an article coming out of canadialand (yes, that's what i call canada. one of my very good friends is canadian, and she says it's ok. i trust her canadian judgment.) from the montreal gazette about dog parks. actually, it's not so much about dog parks or even dogs, but about the human interactions at dog parks and what they all really mean. the article refers to a related study by the University of Waterloo that's coming out soon--a study i am very curious to see the results of. often, the human antics at our local dog run make me shake my head.

finally, here's some semi-old news from california: the L.A. times informs us of the new barking laws in the area. this article should incite any variety of emotions and feelings and thoughts. some of mine included rage, fear, and exasperation. if you read the comments--why do i torture myself?--your head may even explode. but, hey, depending on how your week is going, you may favor that possibility.

and now for a picture of desmond commandeering my mother's new chair while fully ignoring his own bed:

"what? it's puffy. i like puffy."

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