Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Showing Off: Our blanketID Tag

recently, doggyloot had a sweet deal on cate's awesome blanketID tags, which included multiple years of membership, so we finally got one for desmond.

these tags provide various levels of protection for your pup, should he get lost, including a place online to store important information and details that can help get your pet found; emails that will go out to shelters, SPCA branches, local blanketID members, and hospitals to alert folks to be on the lookout for your dog; and automatically generated Lost Pet posters that you can quickly print out without thinking too much during a stressful time.

also, they are super cute. seriously. and they are tiny! and light! it's hard to tell the size of the tags on the website, so i was a little bit concerned that it would be too much to add to desmond's already-packed collar, but i was extremely pleased when i opened the package.

cute to the max--and these are not even all of the designs. lots more goodness here (which is where i captured this screen shot).

here's desmond modeling--poorly--his new tag (and expressing his interest in the new wall in our still-in-progress yard):

take 1

take 2

take 3

take 4 = i give up
in any case, that's the blanketID tag in the front there, with the yellow thing behind it (which is his HomeAgain tag). we got him the neutral plaid design, in hopes it would look manly. since desmond is so very manly. you can get a pretty good idea of how big the blanketID is here, if you're familiar with the HomeAgain tags (118") or the NYC rabies vaccine tags (that's behind the yellow house). if you're not, suffice it to say the blanketID is smaller than the average ID tag sold in the little engraving stand thingies (technical term) at pet supply stores.

we have since--under the genius guidance of my dear husband--moved the blanketID onto its own ring on desmond's collar. the little black thing that the tags are on in these photos has a clip so you can move it easily from collar to collar to harness and back. that's great, but it seems possible that it could fall off or break off or something. now, desmond has his HomeAgain, rabies, and regular engraved ID tag on the removable tag holder and his blanketID lives alone elsewhere on his collar. just in case!!

so, a big thank you goes out to cate for helping to make blanketID possible (and fashionable)! 

now, some gratuitous desmond photos:

this is what desmond likes to do when he's not taking a running leap over the wall
"mmm...new-brick smell."
the area behind the new wall used to be grass. looking at all the dirt makes me glad it is not outdoor-party-having season, or i'd be in a straight panic.

not that Mr. Muddy Paws seems to mind this version of his yard. i think he's going to be sad when we plant new grass in the spring.

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