Thursday, November 17, 2011

my poor dog, aka "things i want for christmas but shouldn't"

have. you. seen. this???
no, this is not a family of aliens. it's a very happy family who are clearly ecstatic about their set of pajamagram hoodie-footies! oh yes. HOODIE-FOOTIES!!!!
for those not in the know, the hoodie-footie is basically...

(a snuggie to the tenth power, which is a lot of snuggie multiplied by a lot of awesome)

it's the ultimate in lounge wear, if you are not at all concerned about looking foolish or feeling embarrassed or having your husband find you attractive. AND, there's one for doggies!

dude. the thing has a hood. and footies. and pockets. and fingerless gloves at the ends of the sleeves! granted, it does not have a back flap for going potty, but a girl can't have everything, now can she?

so don't you think that me and desmond and joey would look this fabulously happy if we were rockin' a matching set of these bad boys on christmas morn?


ok, fine. maybe the hoodie-footie isn't your thing. no worries. pajamagram has many family sets to choose from! it's worth it to look just for the funny pix of the dogs in the PJs.

so i really really want these, and i know that's stupid, but that's not what's stopping me from buying them. nope. the price is what's stopping me from buying them. for all three, it would cost $180+. come on! that's crazy talk.

alas, desmond is probably safe from the hoodie-footie, as is my husband. i cannot speak for people with more disposable income.


is my dog safe from THIS?

are any of us safe from this? PETCO, man, you're killin' me!

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