Friday, November 11, 2011

how to fail at the cozy cave dog bed

in our quest to quell desmond's whining-at-night issues, we are trying different approaches to see if anything at all works. one of those approaches was to get him a bed that would both keep him warm (we think he may be cold) and keep him covered (we created our own monster by tucking him in under a blanket at bedtime from day one).

we got him a not-very-cheap cave bed.

now, before you go getting all excited that me and joey are the newest members of the Well-rested Pet Parents of America team, i will spoil the ending and tell you that this bed has made not a bit of difference. le sigh, desmond. le sigh.

hard to believe, because it looks cozy enough to me.

his blanket tossed over the top of it is definitely not necessary in any way, but i felt i had to use it somehow

doesn't desmond look absolutely thrilled to pieces?

what's weird is that he does actually seem to like the bed, once he's in it. that's right, folks, the high-tech entrance of this bed is simply too advanced for our furry son.

"i may be simple, but i'm also cute. no denying that."

you see, the top part of the bed entrance (that's raised so a dog can crawl into it) has a plastic ring in it. kind of like a hula hoop cut in half. so the front of the bed does stay somewhat open, but the back of the bed lies flat. the dog would have to nudge his way in there and, ideally, turn himself around so he can see out.

we bought the second largest size, which is absolutely big enough for desmond to fit in, but it's not really big enough for him to crawl into and then turn himself around in--not that the dude is even attempting to crawl into it at all.

nope. he just plops himself down on the exposed, fake shearlingish inside of the bed and stays at the edge, usually lying right on top of the plastic ring. he has done this so much that the part of the bed where the plastic ring meets the cushy bottom is actually ripping. rock on, desmond.

he likes his new bed enough that once he's settled onto the edge, he lets us kind of shove him into the bed and pull the top part over him. that's great and all, but it's the only way he's been able to get in there--even after we tried to train him to go in using treats. this helps us not in any way in the middle of the night.

oh well.

i guess we'll have to settle for him looking cute in it, post shoving.

desmond, you sit funny

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