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giveaway winner! Awkward Family Pet Photos

we have a winner for the book giveaway! congratulations to fellow blogger kristi, who writes The Wheelz Are Rolling.

image from Amazon--where you can buy a copy for yourself, of course!

kristi's awkward pet moment comes courtesy of her cat:
Not sure if it was awkward or awful, but the first year we had our now five year old tabby cat, she was a kitten and climbed the Christmas tree about five minutes before we had to leave for Christmas eve church. She got tangled so badly in the wires and was screaming so loud that my hubby could hear her from outside while he was scraping the ice off the car. We were in such a hurry and she was so stressed that we ended up CUTTING the wires from the tree and didn't have any Christmas lights on our tree that year for Christmas eve or Christmas day. (We did, however, have cat pee all through the living room floor since she was so scared) 
yikes! this is exactly why we are not getting a big tree next month. not that desmond will climb it, but he's bound to get himself into trouble somehow.

so many of these stories were great--well, great for me to read and laugh at but probably not so great for the people involved. here are a few of my favorites...

the first one comes from my cousin-in-law, stephanie, and it's a doozy!
Well, this is sort of morbid, but definitely way way awkward. We may have told you this story before, but I think it may predate you and Joey dating, so here it is. Our first dog, Tipper, was a very loving, cute mini schnauzer. She loved everyone. EXCEPT the guy that delivers the dry cleaning to my parent's house. Every time he came to the door, she would go crazy and bark. It probably went on for about 12 years. Twice a week, she would lose her mind when this man showed up. And every week, for twelve years, he would say "Some day this dog is going to have a heart attack." One night he came to the door around dinner time just as we were sitting down to eat, and, true to form, Tipper started barking. She ran to the door and as our dry cleaning man stepped inside, she literally had a heart attack and died on his feet. On top of his feet. He was so upset and thought that he jinxed her and called my mom a bunch of times feeling like he killed her. It was extremely awkward and I think he has been slightly more reserved with the subsequent two dogs we have had.
i definitely have heard that story before, but it's still damn funny/horrible. poor tipper. poor dry cleaning delivery guy.

here's one from stacy m.:
I had a cat named Sean who followed me into the bathroom all the time and jumped up onto the toilet to watch me while I put make-up on or brushed my teeth. One early morning I shuffled into the bathroom half asleep and lifted the toilet lid just as he was flying through the air toward it. Instead of landing on the lid he landed in the toilet! He was very shocked! I was so tired that I just giggled a little and went back to bed. When I woke up a couple hours later I cracked up thinking about it :-D
i really wish stacy had pictures of that to share with us. what a missed opportunity!

this one is from laura w. and may inspire you to visit friends with pets armed with many many treats and toys:
We had a Basset Hound who was fussy about who I spent my time with. I had one friend she just did not like. One day we were talking in the kitchen, the dog backed up until her hind quarters were positioned over my friends shoes and squatted right on her feet. Direct hit! 

After thet my friend would sit on the counter while we chatted.

tricia a. tells a story i can relate to:
I do animal rescue and I adopt the misfits of course! I have two dogs and two cats. Getting us all together for a photo is like "herding cats". By the time most of us are ready someone is doing something inappropriate. None of them sit nicely for photos. So if we do family photos someone is either licking themselves inappropriately, licking us on the face (making my glasses crooked has happened many times), or looking like demon children with the red eyes from the flash.
desmond is definitely a licker. when he does it during human dinnertime, i kind of want to run away and hide somewhere.

many of us have probably experienced some embarrassment thanks to the excitement of our male dogs, just like donna from donna and the dogs has:
I was at a therapy dog visit with Toby, and a little girl seemed hesitant to pet him. I offered to have him lie down, so he would seem less scary to her, and she nodded her head shyly. So I tell him, "Toby, Down," and he obliges. But a moment later, justas the girl reaches to pet him, he flips over on his back, and, he's um, VERY excited. I glanced at the girls' Dad, both of our faces turned red, and I immediately said, "Toby, Stand, STAND!" The poor little girl probably had no idea why I did that (thankfully). 

this story from tonya h. made me feel a bit ill:
Most awkward moment: my cat ate tinsel. tinsel does not digest well. she had 1 inch of the shiny stuff sticking out of her bum. tinsel is a lot longer than that. I had to pull the rest out of her bum.
oh dear...

sandy's story sounds like something you'd see on TV:
I was reading a Stephen King novel from the library, laid it on the coffee table, came back to find that my Scottie had eaten the last 3 pages! So I had to explain to the librarian that I had to replace the book because my dog ate it AND I never did find out how that book ended!

as you may know, we are campers, so this story really made me laugh. i know exactly the type of folks clarissa is talking about:
well i will tell the most recent: Two weeks ago my family sets out to camp one last time this year. We normally camp at state parks but we were meeting up with friends to camp and they urged us to choose a private campground that has an indoor pool since our fall weather is pretty cold and rainy. So we arrive at the campground to find its more of a fancy RV park rather than the more rustic type camping we were used to. Our old RV looked out of place amongst the sea of fancy motorhomes pulling in. The occupants of these motorhomes would drive in and pull their curtains and remain hidden away. My family (which includes 6 children ranging from newborn, to toddler to preteen ages) we there to enjoy the outdoors and our friends and we sat at the fire laughing and watching the children play. For a brief while our neighbor campers came out of their super large, fancy motorhomes to enjoy a fire themselves for a bit. If we were not already thought of as the outcasts of the place already, our 140 lb huge black furry possibly newfoundland mix mutt comes over close to all us sitting around the fire to enjoy a petting....I notice his tail is swishing over the top of the fire ring and i start to say "oh him tail is going to" when sure did...catch fire! He unaware he is flaming at the moment continues to sway his tail back and forth. So we have a flaming torch tail flailing madly about. I jump up and dump my can of Cherry Pepsi over the flames and several others in our camp following dumping root beer, Coke, and Mountain Dew eventually completely extinguishing the blaze. Once it was out I look over to see our neighbors staring, jaws dropped at our predicament. Then the smell of burning hair began to permeate the area. We could hear grumbling and mumbling about the disgusting smell and the neighbors extinguished their own fire and retreated into the massive motorhome again. 

Opps sorry for ruining your "camping" weekend there, fancy people!

and veronica g. has a story about something else getting ruined:
My boyfriend and I were in bed getting romantic. Lars my very large cat jumped onto the bed right on his pecker. He was howling and bleeding (my boyfriend). I still laugh at remembering that. I don't think he likes cats. He is a vet.

there are actually quite a few more stories if you'd like to take a look. i really enjoyed them all. thanks to everyone who participated in our first giveaway!

and now for a gratuitous photo of desmond...

just a little sunny

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