Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dog Run Fun

seeing as it's officially a holiday (as far as i'm concerned), and i fully intend to spend these days enjoying myself and relaxing (in between a thorough house cleaning and some possible redecorating, overtime work, and taking my fourth test for ABC), i thought i'd share these pictures of desmond enjoying himself last weekend.

the dog run in Bay County Park is our local spot, and we try to take desmond as often as possible. before it got dark by 5PM, joey was taking him every night after work. sometimes he did this on rollerblades, and rumor has it said rollerblades were involved in the leash-reactivity/sprained-finger incident... (please note that joey is safely in sneakers here and has been ever since the incident.)

the walk from the car to the actual run can be a challenge, because desmond is sooooooooo excited

stopping for a bit until desmond relaxes and refocuses on us. 

once we get into the run, desmond does one of two things after the initial craziness subsides: gets completely obsessed with one particular dog or gets completely obsessed with one particular tennis ball. in fact, on this day, i had to go around and collect a bunch of tennis balls for joey to stash somewhere so that desmond would play with the dogs. oh, desmond. 

here he is, ignoring a lovely dog named bandit so he can chew on a ball

eventually they hung out

"mom, you're so embarrassing. go away."

after desmond and bandit played for a little while, he decided to go rile up a calm doggie named nala, who was sitting with her owner. at the time, i didn't realize that we had seen nala and her momma before, but now i'm pretty sure desmond and nala have previously met.

desmond eventually started to obsess over nala...

but first bandit joined in the fun 

then desmond got his lady alone--and proceeded to bother her for quite a while, making sure to stop and bark at her incessantly anytime she sat down for a break.

then it was back to looking for tennis balls

and chewing and shaking and chewing some more until it's "dead"

not long after, two more doggies came out to play. the white puppy's name is dexter. i think the beagle's name was izzy, but i'm not positive about that. 

i absolutely love the body language and non-verbal communication i get to see when we're at the park. when i reviewed this photo, i was all like, "yay! tails!" 

the beagle was very jealous that desmond was playing with her brother

she kept following dexter and desmond around, trying to break up the party

she also kept howling at them

desmond finally howled back. i think he thought it was a game. 

when bandit took over making-izzy-jealous duty, desmond took a break to sniff the new humans

i have no clue what's really going on here--bandit's on the table, desmond's making a weird stance/face, dexter's got something interesting on the ground, and izzy's howling again.

looks like someone's getting tired...

desmond's stamina can wear out fast. we were at the park for maybe 30 minutes, although we did walk there instead of drive, so i'll give him a break. good thing the husband took the car to meet us, so we didn't have to walk back (and also so we could hit up some very unhealthy drive-through breakfast before heading home).

desmond was surprisingly well behaved while we waited for our food
something outside must have been more interesting

and, yes, that is a slightly sandy mouth you see there. he says it makes him look distinguished.

i hope to get our favorite wonky-legged friend back over to the park a few more times before monday, but tomorrow he gets to spend his first thanksgiving with us and his cousin mozart the pomeranian. he doesn't know it yet, but we're going to sprinkle his dinner with crunchy turkey treats that have cranberry filling in them. yum! happy thanksgiving, everyone!!
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