Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Spoiled

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Showing Off: Our blanketID Tag

recently, doggyloot had a sweet deal on cate's awesome blanketID tags, which included multiple years of membership, so we finally got one for desmond.

these tags provide various levels of protection for your pup, should he get lost, including a place online to store important information and details that can help get your pet found; emails that will go out to shelters, SPCA branches, local blanketID members, and hospitals to alert folks to be on the lookout for your dog; and automatically generated Lost Pet posters that you can quickly print out without thinking too much during a stressful time.

also, they are super cute. seriously. and they are tiny! and light! it's hard to tell the size of the tags on the website, so i was a little bit concerned that it would be too much to add to desmond's already-packed collar, but i was extremely pleased when i opened the package.

cute to the max--and these are not even all of the designs. lots more goodness here (which is where i captured this screen shot).

here's desmond modeling--poorly--his new tag (and expressing his interest in the new wall in our still-in-progress yard):

take 1

take 2

take 3

take 4 = i give up
in any case, that's the blanketID tag in the front there, with the yellow thing behind it (which is his HomeAgain tag). we got him the neutral plaid design, in hopes it would look manly. since desmond is so very manly. you can get a pretty good idea of how big the blanketID is here, if you're familiar with the HomeAgain tags (118") or the NYC rabies vaccine tags (that's behind the yellow house). if you're not, suffice it to say the blanketID is smaller than the average ID tag sold in the little engraving stand thingies (technical term) at pet supply stores.

we have since--under the genius guidance of my dear husband--moved the blanketID onto its own ring on desmond's collar. the little black thing that the tags are on in these photos has a clip so you can move it easily from collar to collar to harness and back. that's great, but it seems possible that it could fall off or break off or something. now, desmond has his HomeAgain, rabies, and regular engraved ID tag on the removable tag holder and his blanketID lives alone elsewhere on his collar. just in case!!

so, a big thank you goes out to cate for helping to make blanketID possible (and fashionable)! 

now, some gratuitous desmond photos:

this is what desmond likes to do when he's not taking a running leap over the wall
" smell."
the area behind the new wall used to be grass. looking at all the dirt makes me glad it is not outdoor-party-having season, or i'd be in a straight panic.

not that Mr. Muddy Paws seems to mind this version of his yard. i think he's going to be sad when we plant new grass in the spring.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dog Run Fun

seeing as it's officially a holiday (as far as i'm concerned), and i fully intend to spend these days enjoying myself and relaxing (in between a thorough house cleaning and some possible redecorating, overtime work, and taking my fourth test for ABC), i thought i'd share these pictures of desmond enjoying himself last weekend.

the dog run in Bay County Park is our local spot, and we try to take desmond as often as possible. before it got dark by 5PM, joey was taking him every night after work. sometimes he did this on rollerblades, and rumor has it said rollerblades were involved in the leash-reactivity/sprained-finger incident... (please note that joey is safely in sneakers here and has been ever since the incident.)

the walk from the car to the actual run can be a challenge, because desmond is sooooooooo excited

stopping for a bit until desmond relaxes and refocuses on us. 

once we get into the run, desmond does one of two things after the initial craziness subsides: gets completely obsessed with one particular dog or gets completely obsessed with one particular tennis ball. in fact, on this day, i had to go around and collect a bunch of tennis balls for joey to stash somewhere so that desmond would play with the dogs. oh, desmond. 

here he is, ignoring a lovely dog named bandit so he can chew on a ball

eventually they hung out

"mom, you're so embarrassing. go away."

after desmond and bandit played for a little while, he decided to go rile up a calm doggie named nala, who was sitting with her owner. at the time, i didn't realize that we had seen nala and her momma before, but now i'm pretty sure desmond and nala have previously met.

desmond eventually started to obsess over nala...

but first bandit joined in the fun 

then desmond got his lady alone--and proceeded to bother her for quite a while, making sure to stop and bark at her incessantly anytime she sat down for a break.

then it was back to looking for tennis balls

and chewing and shaking and chewing some more until it's "dead"

not long after, two more doggies came out to play. the white puppy's name is dexter. i think the beagle's name was izzy, but i'm not positive about that. 

i absolutely love the body language and non-verbal communication i get to see when we're at the park. when i reviewed this photo, i was all like, "yay! tails!" 

the beagle was very jealous that desmond was playing with her brother

she kept following dexter and desmond around, trying to break up the party

she also kept howling at them

desmond finally howled back. i think he thought it was a game. 

when bandit took over making-izzy-jealous duty, desmond took a break to sniff the new humans

i have no clue what's really going on here--bandit's on the table, desmond's making a weird stance/face, dexter's got something interesting on the ground, and izzy's howling again.

looks like someone's getting tired...

desmond's stamina can wear out fast. we were at the park for maybe 30 minutes, although we did walk there instead of drive, so i'll give him a break. good thing the husband took the car to meet us, so we didn't have to walk back (and also so we could hit up some very unhealthy drive-through breakfast before heading home).

desmond was surprisingly well behaved while we waited for our food
something outside must have been more interesting

and, yes, that is a slightly sandy mouth you see there. he says it makes him look distinguished.

i hope to get our favorite wonky-legged friend back over to the park a few more times before monday, but tomorrow he gets to spend his first thanksgiving with us and his cousin mozart the pomeranian. he doesn't know it yet, but we're going to sprinkle his dinner with crunchy turkey treats that have cranberry filling in them. yum! happy thanksgiving, everyone!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Mischief: Another Fail

we are having some work done in our driveway and yard. this means desmond's been enjoying the huge all-dirt area he's been running around in for a few weeks, but now a large portion of said area is gone, as it has become our newly expanded patio. 

wouldn't it be mischievous of desmond to run across the freshly poured cement and leave his little wonky paw prints all over the place?

it would--so we made sure that didn't happen. we did, however, want to have him make a paw print for us in a corner of the new cement. for posterity and our own amusement. i'm sure he couldn't care less and would really prefer peeing on the cement instead. 

so, off we went...

desmond was like, "what in the world are you doing to me?"

but at least he stood still
a lot of good his standing still did us--the cement was already too hard. boo! can we do anything right over here?

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

my poor dog, aka "things i want for christmas but shouldn't"

have. you. seen. this???
no, this is not a family of aliens. it's a very happy family who are clearly ecstatic about their set of pajamagram hoodie-footies! oh yes. HOODIE-FOOTIES!!!!
for those not in the know, the hoodie-footie is basically...

(a snuggie to the tenth power, which is a lot of snuggie multiplied by a lot of awesome)

it's the ultimate in lounge wear, if you are not at all concerned about looking foolish or feeling embarrassed or having your husband find you attractive. AND, there's one for doggies!

dude. the thing has a hood. and footies. and pockets. and fingerless gloves at the ends of the sleeves! granted, it does not have a back flap for going potty, but a girl can't have everything, now can she?

so don't you think that me and desmond and joey would look this fabulously happy if we were rockin' a matching set of these bad boys on christmas morn?


ok, fine. maybe the hoodie-footie isn't your thing. no worries. pajamagram has many family sets to choose from! it's worth it to look just for the funny pix of the dogs in the PJs.

so i really really want these, and i know that's stupid, but that's not what's stopping me from buying them. nope. the price is what's stopping me from buying them. for all three, it would cost $180+. come on! that's crazy talk.

alas, desmond is probably safe from the hoodie-footie, as is my husband. i cannot speak for people with more disposable income.


is my dog safe from THIS?

are any of us safe from this? PETCO, man, you're killin' me!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: playtime

folks, it has been a crazy week around here, and i have barely had any time to either post or read posts. i need to take a vacation day or something! i blame this on school, work, contractors who have taken over my yard & driveway, and far too many events on my social calendar. you know when you just want to RSVP "no" to everything for a few months? that's me right now.

anyway, now that this post is not at all wordless, let's move on to the pictures. here's a series of pix we took while playing with desmond's favorite ball. i love seeing him excited, happy, and attentive like this, even when it means he makes multiple attempts to chomp our hands off. in almost every shot, he's staring down the ball obsessively. these were not all taken at the same time, by the way.

waiting for the toss

when the ball goes under the chair, desmond gets confused

"come on, dad, throw it!"

desmond doesn't always catch it, but i think he has more fun chasing it anyway

while the ball is in the air...

and now we begin the chew...

may as well get comfortable

taking a break to ponder if he thinks the ball is just too far away to make an effort with (true story)
what happens when desmond exhausts himself with the ball

FYI: this ball has since been destroyed but it lasted us a long time and he absolutely went nuts over it. it is the jw megalast ball. we also got one for desmond's DBFFs luca and jackie, and they seem to like it as well.

total side note: flea & tick, etc., topical preventative meds--how important are they in the fall & winter months on the south shore of long island, new york? we're right next door to a big park and close to dock/marina areas, not to mention the channel/ocean. we use Advantix II. i know many people are not into using these kinds of things at all, but we are. however, do we really need it when it's not hot/summer/spring? am i wasting my time and money? (we also use the heartworm prevention pills all year long. is that a waste when there are no mosquitoes??)

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