Friday, October 7, 2011

want to make walking your dog easier?

get yourself a DawggieGoPak!

i'm so serious.

no, i have no tips on how to affect the behavior of your dog on a walk, if that's what you were assuming this would be--sorry! maybe one day i can write that post, but i definitely can't now.

what i can do is sing the praises of this fabulous little clutch-type bag that i bought a few months back when it first ran as a deal on Barking Deals.

this is the one we have, but it comes in many different colors and designs (image from

that photo doesn't really do it justice, so i advise you to click on the link below to check out the Dawgs on the Go products for yourself. the bag has pockets big and small for treats and your phone and whatever else you need. there's a clip for your keys and two ways (one ring and one chain) to attach the bag to your leash (or attach something else to the bag--like i do with the poop scooper mitt that i can't live without) or your belt or whatever. plus, that little hole you see on the front of the bag is what your poop bags thread through so they're now much easier to grab.

you can get the DawggieGoPak from Dawgs on the Go for cheap through the super awesome daily-deal groupon-type site Barking Deals.

i've used Barking Deals many times, as you can see:

i also ordered a few things before this, but this is as far back as my history went

what's extra lovely about this website is that the shipping is always free. can't beat that with a stick! oh, and they have a feature that lets you get a little extra discount if you click on it to post your purchase to your facebook page, which i always do. i'm super cheap, so i'll take the 50 cents they're offering.

i bet you're now thinking they're offering me something for posting this. they're not. neither are the GoPak folks. i truly just love the site and the particular product they're offering today and felt compelled to share.

that is all. please proceed with your day.

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