Tuesday, October 11, 2011

how to fail at doggie halloween

this is our first halloween with desmond. we had a plan, a plan that i was excited about, but that plan is not working out.

the costume is supposed to look like this:

minus the smiling face, of course. not that we'll have a problem in that department... (image from http://www.squidoo.com/disney-dog-costumes)

instead, it looks like this:

i have got to stop taking pix indoors with my phone's camera. yikes.

before you go telling me that we have it on wrong, i am aware that we have it on wrong.

you see, desmond's fabulously ridiculous shape and mixture of breeds causes us many problems when trying to fit him for stuff. he is long--long enough to require XL sizes in a lot of doggie clothing--but he is big only in the front, where he's still really not all that big. he's 55 pounds on a good day (we do not underfeed him in any way. i covet his metabolism, flat stomach, and lean thighs), so he usually is slated for a size large. larges are never long enough and are sometimes tight around his shoulders/neck/arms. meanwhile, even the larges are flapping in the breeze once they go past his ribs, and that makes us all very nervous for him to wear things during potty time, as you can imagine.

putting the eeyore costume on him properly would result in the tail being nowhere near his own tail, and this pretty much defeats the entire purpose as far as we're concerned.

halloween fail.

we do have a backup costume, thanks to having lovely friends. this one actually isn't so bad in the fit area, it's just not what we were hoping for.

"i do look super, but i'm still not interested in this photo shoot."

"i hate you, mom."

imagine if desmond were tasked with rescuing folks and saving the day? ha ha ha ha ha! that's a real knee-slapper.

plus, desmond has to be eeyore. desmond is eeyore! do you guys have any ideas about how to make the costume work? i'm not very crafty, but my husband seems to have these hidden martha-stewart-like skills he pulls out once in a while. is there something we can do to fix it? poor desmond. he can't even get his depressive, anxiety-ridden halloween costume to go right.
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