Monday, October 31, 2011

happy doggie halloween!

so, the time has come to unleash desmond and his costume on the unsuspecting youngsters of the neighborhood. will they have any clue who he's supposed to be? based on our first attempt, i'd say no. based on our second and third attempts, i'd say it's still kinda iffy. crafty we are not. what can ya do?

attempt #2:

as you can see, we went with the advice of a few people who suggested getting some additional fabric

we found a t-shirt, which seemed like the easy way out. right up our alley!

i think desmond may be feeling a bit...depressed about the whole thing

but depression is a key element of the costume, so it works for me

plus, it's hysterically funny, because it really doesn't work

"you guys can't be serious, right?"

"i'm about to hit the road, because this is ridiculous."

"damn you and your treats! you always know how to make me come back."

"i want you to know: i'm not against biting you in your sleep. just sayin."

we realized this wasn't working quite right, because the "hair" that is supposed to run down the neck/back gets covered by the t-shirt. we thought about detaching it and then adding it to the t-shirt somehow, but that would have involved being crafty...

our version of a solution? behold, attempt #3:

we simply put the original costume back where it's supposed to go, according to the packaging

and joey removed the tail from the costume and then attached it to the t-shirt. i know that sounds crafty, but it really was extremely simple.

so now it sort of almost kind of maybe a little looks like eeyore

and desmond is still not feeling the love

that is the look of a dog who desperately wants this photo shoot to end (and also to eat the treat dad's dangling overhead)
so...yeah. i'm not going to ring the bell of success on this one. oh well. it was our first doggie halloween. hope everyone else's halloween costumes are working out better than ours!

by the way, my test on saturday wasn't as hard as i thought it was going to be. i'm pretty sure i rocked it. thanks for all the encouragement, folks!
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