Monday, September 12, 2011

Versatile Blogger award

previously, i have mentioned how terrible i am with getting to blog posts in a timely manner. here is further proof: back in july, jen at My Brown Newfies gave me the Versatile Blogger award. july, y'all. that's embarrassing.

i won't let this go to my head, but i can't say the same for desmond

instead of wallowing in shame, i'm going to say THANK YOU! again and finally move along with the award procedures. first up, as per tradition, seven random things about me.

  1. i'm a copy editor by day. you'd never realize that from my mostly-lowercase typing, but it's true. don't worry: i will not ridicule you for spelling and grammar errors in the comments (i save that treat for my nearest and dearest friends only!)
  2. desmond is my first dog with my husband, but i grew up with a white terrier mix named clarence. i hope to unearth some photos of him from boxes i never unpacked when i moved last year, so you can see how scruffy delicious he was. 
  3. i have a very serious, untreated chapstick addiction.
  4. i'm neurotic/anal retentive/paranoid. my husband is in a wedding in cleveland on new years eve. we're both really excited about our trip, but we will be away for 4-5 days and kind of have no idea what we're going to do with desmond yet. i don't really want to leave him with a paid sitter for so long; we're not sure if he can be trusted alone in a parent's house; and taking him with us isn't that easy since we can't leave him in the hotel room alone anyway. i think about this daily, and i'm certain that's not normal.
  5. if money--and laws--were no object, i'd quit my job to open a dogs-and-their-owners-only bar/restaurant/hotel/park. 
  6. i moved from queens to long island. a year and a couple months later, i'm adjusting to semi-suburban life and homeownership far more easily than i'd imagined i would. (i say semi-suburban because we are walking distance to many necessary goods and services.)
  7. i have enrolled in school to become a certified dog trainer! hopefully sometime soon i'll have a post all about this--i have quite a bit to say on the subject. maybe i'll make it a series. :-)
next, it's time to pass this award on to other deserving bloggers. i've seen a few different numbers going around in regards to how many blogs you're supposed to award, but i'm still so new to this myself that i don't know all that many bloggers. i'm going with five:

  1. Take Paws. many of you probably already know, but perhaps not all of you are aware of their awesome blog. recently, my desire to visit oregon was sparked anew by amy and her gorgeous pictures. she's RV-ing around with her husband and dogs.
  2. Oh, Corbin. first of all, corbin is a looker. second of all, he has a great sense of humor and some rather finely tuned writing skills. but mostly, he's a great foster brother, and if you're interested in the world of fostering dogs, this is a fab place to learn a bit about what it's like.
  3. Pauley James Former Foster Baby. and while we're talking about foster pups, be sure to check out this blog, written by a canine named Pauley. he's got lots of furry friends, too.
  4. Brando and Bogart. this blog features three cute cavs--one of which is such a wee li'l thing!--and their daily adventures, which include agility training.
  5. The Poodle (and Dog) Blog. i enjoy this blog because of all the interesting tidbits i find there about dogs from all over. some are funny; some are serious. all are worth taking a look at.
i hope you explore these blogs, and i hope even more so that i was able to help introduce some of you to something you haven't read before. i'm sure most folks have beat me to it with these, but you never know, right?

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