Monday, September 26, 2011

technology works! but then fails me again...

we finally have a custom domain!

we're still a blogger blog, but we now live at the old blogspot URL will redirect you to the fancy new URL, so all should be fine with that.


in switching over to a custom domain, i managed to lose all the IntenseDebate comments that came in before i connected blogger and the new domain (this morning). well, they're not lost totally--they still show up in my ID account pages on the ID website--they're just not showing here for whatever reason.

i'm sad. i really really really appreciate everyone's comments and thoroughly enjoy reading them. i'm working on trying to get them back with the help of ID customer support, but you who knows how that will go.

so, thank you to everyone who has been reading and commenting. and to reply to those who left comments on sunday's post, yes, desmond sure is rocking a new collar. and, yes, he'd make a great model. he absolutely lives for being the center of attention. and treats.

we've been wanting to get him a new collar for a while now, because he's always scratching at the green nylon one. i wanted to try soy or cotton or rolled leather or something else natural, in case it was the nylon that was bothering him (his nylon harness makes him scratch, too), but that was proving difficult to find in a store.

at petco, we decided to feel up on all the collars to find something we thought was softer than the nylon. i'm sure we looked a little crazy. we wound up with the dog whisperer brand. we wanted the green one, but it only came in a size too large for dessie. oh well. red it is. the smaller size actually has a thinner band, so there's less collar to irritate him in the first place. so far, so good.

i tried to find a link to the collar but am coming up with nothing. more technology failings. i give up.
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