Tuesday, September 6, 2011

in case you missed it: my guest dog blog

if you somehow missed me parading myself around on facebook last week to announce my very first guest blog post, do not fret. here it is one more time.

Guest Post: Welcoming a Dog

the great folks over at Flying the Nest asked me to help them out with some tips for bringing home your first dog, and i jumped at the chance. here's hoping i can continue to bring doggie info to some fine cat ladies and their readers in the future.

not sure what Flying the Nest is? well, for one, you should be clicking on these links. for two, i'll give you a big hint: a girl's guide to heading out on her own. ok, ok. that's not a hint; it's actually the FTN tag line. but you'd know that if you clicked over, now wouldn't you? and you really should. FTN offers some great tips about life without Mom and Dad that everyone can use, even if you've been out of your childhood bedroom for a while.

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