Monday, September 19, 2011

adopt a less-adoptable pet

UPDATE: now that i am joining petfinder's blog hop, i feel compelled to add a link to the Ruff House Rescue's list of adoptable pets on the site (i really should have done this from the beginning). we got our less-adoptable sweetheart from there, and i adore them (and occasionally volunteer for them), as noted here in my Blog the Change Day post.

adopt a less-adoptable pet from Ruff House Rescue, in Oceanside, NY!

desmond, who used to be david (and before that, spike, if you can believe it. lol!), is now part of RHR's Happy Tails page on petfinder. here's some photos from his listing, where he's looking especially sad and skinny (though not as skinny as he was at animal control):


this week is petfinder's Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week!

technically, it started two days ago but better late than never.

what's a less-adoptable pet? pets with black fur, pets with medical conditions, pets with injuries, pets with special needs of some other kind, senior pets, and pets who are part/full bully breed and/or are subject to the very, very, very wrong BSL (breed-specific legislation) found in waaaaaaaay too many towns and cities and even in one very disappointing state (i'm looking at you, ohio).

side note: i have problems with the bully breed thing and the BSL thing--two things that i don't think should exist at all. this is not the post i want to use to get into that. you can click the Animal Planet and ASPCA links above for more information and get your knickers in a twist all on your own this go-round. end side note.

these pets need just as much love--sometimes more--as any other "more desirable" pets who are sitting lonely in the shelters. i do have one caveat: pets with special needs, medical or otherwise, are certainly not for everyone. not everyone has the time (guilty) or money (guilty) or physical abilities that may be required to properly care for a pet with special needs. that is completely and totally understandable. you are not a monster if you cannot take on a pet with special needs--you're probably a better person for recognizing that and not doing the pet a disservice by bringing them to a less-than-ideal home situation.

our furry darling, desmond, was a less-adoptable, and we love every one of his "flaws" wholeheartedly. the boy has paws only a mother could love. strike one.

funky paws and bent tail

injuries, of sorts, to his back legs, back paws, and tail have caused him to have malformed legs that bend in toward each other (and practically touch when he walks); have some ridiculously funky paws with crooked toes and nails that stick out in all directions; and a crooked/bent tail. luckily, he seems to be in no pain (and the vet gives him the green light on life), but he does have trouble where other dogs would not and gets tired more quickly than most pups.

a view of his wonky legs from the back

and from the front

strike two is that desmond is part bully breed, because he is part pit bull, which is something many people specifically avoid. poor pitties!

the third strike against our little skinny butt is that he is such a little skinny butt. well, his butt will always be that skinny, thanks to the greyhound coursing through his veins, but he was quite underweight in the beginning. he's about 55 pounds now, but was around 40 when we adopted him and around 30 when the rescue group pulled him from the animal control shelter. bringing a dog up to proper weight is something that can be overwhelming/scary for some people. it also might cause someone to think the dog has serious health problems.

three strikes or not, you can't help who you love. we absolutely did not set out to bring home a dog anything like desmond (we wanted older, smaller, scruffier), but i am extremely grateful we're not the type of people who would have dismissed him the minute the shelter volunteer brought his malnourished, wonky self out to meet us. he has enriched and changed my life in so many ways. i can't imagine my days without him constantly whining for attention. :-)

please, if you're adopting or you know someone who is, try and make friends with a less-adoptable or encourage someone else to. it's a win-win situation.

and now, here's the blog hop link!

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