Friday, August 5, 2011

my house looks like dog

and what i mean by that is it's covered in hair. the hair. oh lordy lord, the hair. yes, it's soft and luxurious, but that doesn't keep it attached to his body. 

"who, me?"

the hair is something that joey doesn't think is really that bad (he feels this way about the stink, actually, too). he thinks i'm nuts and i worry too much. i may have mentioned this before.

we have a few ways to fight hair: the roomba, a broom, the pledge pet hair remover, a regular dog brush, and the zoom groom by kong. 

it was actually our groomer who recommended this brush to us. he told us we'll never need another brush. we'll see. i mean, desmond might eat it at some point.

it's all rubber, so if your dog is not crazy, it can double as a toy. it's also easy to wash. most importantly, it's super effective as a brush. hair just flies off. i definitely do not recommend attempts at brushing your dog indoors. no no no.

desmond didn't used to shed that much. at the spring/summer change, his shedding got bad and stayed that way. however, around the same time, we started feeding him blue buffalo's seafood flavor dry food--and stopped using the fish oil with his dinner, figuring it was a waste of fish oil to use it on fish food. midway through that 30-pound bag of food, desmond decided he either didn't like white fish or that dog food wasn't good enough on its own (and i know this is somewhat due to our giving him certain people foods more and more). so, now he was no longer getting his omega-3s on a regular basis, either via fish oil or fish food.

[note: i am about to go off on a tangent regarding his eating habits. if you would like to skip all this and get back to how dirty my house is, feel free.]

after much debate, we swapped him over to natural choice's chicken dry food, in hopes that a new flavor and a new type of kibble would spark his interest and he'd go back to eating with vigor at every mealtime. we chose it in the end because it was on sale and was a pretty good option out of all the non-premium food brands. we didn't want to spend another $50 on a bag of food he might not eat and didn't really think this one would be a problem. it's not economical to buy smaller bags of food, so we had that plan as a last resort.

he didn't like the new chicken food, either. is that because it's chicken? because it's a new brand? because of his snotty attitude? who knows. at this point, we started to bribe him, because we didn't know any better and were nervous.

we bribed him with supplements (cheese, fruit, PB), because he wouldn't eat otherwise, and he's skinny enough! sometimes we would feed him extra treats to make up what he didn't eat in food. then we got annoyed and started to think he might just be playing us. i did some research and found out desmond needs to kiss our hineys and eat his food.

[note: acting first and researching later goes against everything we normally do. our entire lives are mapped out and over analyzed, always. simple tasks and fun events are planned for and run like military operations. i have no idea what the heck was in the water when we proceeded with a plan sans research.]

"but mom, the skinnier i am, the flatter i can get."

so we started a new plan:

  • feed him regular dog food
  • leave it there a half hour
  • remove whatever he didn't eat in that half hour
  • do not give him any other edible items
  • repeat at every mealtime

after five days (FIVE DAYS!) he finally ate, but it was still with total attitude. "ugh. fine. i guess i'll eat your lame dog food." he still wasn't always finishing or eating every time we put it out, either. while all this was going on, we still weren't using the fish oil because it was too hard to do that and then save the food, since the oil would turn the food to mush. so...

[if you skipped past the food ordeal, this is where you can jump back in]

his shedding like whoa may be due to the lack of omega-3s and his crappy eating habits. since he didn't like the new food we got him either, we decided to buy smaller bags of whatever food we could find on sale that was decent quality for mixing with his chicken food until the chicken is almost gone. so far, we've tried the lamb flavor of purina one beyond and the beef flavor of rachael ray nutrish. he seemed to like having new food to try out. (by the way, the nutrish link takes you to a free sample form!)

i imagine that while he's flip-flopping around with his rope toy that uncle brian got him, hair is just flying all over our dining room.

now we are finally getting toward the end of the chicken food, so we'll be putting him back on the blue buffalo lamb that he liked, with the fish oil. hopefully that will bring us back to less shedding. there is dog hair on nearly every surface in my house. it's up on furniture that he's never been up on, so i have no clue how it got there. obviously, it's also on every single piece of fabric desmond walks past. even when i wash items that have hair on them, some of the hair stays on them--and winds up in my washer and dryer. i once made the stupid mistake of washing one of his towels with some of ours. hair. everywhere. after they were all clean. so not cool, desmond. so not cool.

"whatever. i'm cute, and you know it. winning!"

 seriously, folks, how do you get dog hair out of your washer and dryer? i am baffled. also, not that i would ever shave desmond, but this totally makes me think of shaved dogs and i'm sorry but how freakin funny would des look if he were shaved? oh man. that skinny butt would look ridonculous.
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