Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a greyhound mix and a pomeranian walk into a bar

well, it's a yard, and the pomeranian lives there, so only desmond did the walking in, but you can humor me.

a couple weeks ago, we went out to my aunt's house for some extended-family time, and desmond got to play with his cousin mozart again. he also got to make some really cute faces at me while i hounded him with the camera. oh, and he got to be a table. some of you folks who follow us on FB may know what i'm talking about already. the rest of you will just have to wait a hot minute.

desmond getting mentally prepared to maul that tennis ball

desmond greets mozart. he kept chasing him around and taking these deep sniffs into mozart's long, luxurious locks.

he certainly does not always cooperate when i'm trying to have a photo shoot

desmond apparently really, really likes mulch. he spent a lot of time in it at my aunt's house and did the same thing the next day at our house. a gardener he is not. (though we already learned that with the plant. i really miss that damn plant.)

another bad photo session: smiling, but eyes closed

eyes open, but no smile. at least i eventually got a good one and was able to use it for Wordless Wednesday.
here's the Desmond as Table shot. my cousin gabi followed him around almost the entire day. i hope mozart didn't mind too much! (photo credit: j. pannizzo)

desmond's getting ready to lie down in the shade and watch gabi mow the lawn. some helper he is!

nighttime was apparently the right time for desmond to harass mozart again...

"ha ha! you can't get me! i am safe behind this fence, you wonky-legged buffoon!"--mozart

little did mozart know that desmond wasn't working alone. his momma let him into the other side of the yard. sorry mozey!
"ha ha, yourself! take that, you little delicious-smelling fur ball!"

"you can pretend not to notice me all you want, fluffy."

*sniff sniff sniff* "dang, what is that heavenly scent?! i have got to get some of this for my next bath."--desmond "HEY! DO YOU NOT SEE ME DOWN HERE? GET THIS MUTT OFF OF ME! MY FINE COAT CANNOT BE SULLIED BY HIS RANK SLOBBER. HELP!"--mozart

"beat it, mom. you're distracting the furry one. i'm trying to figure out if that's a hint of vanilla i detect in his shampoo."--desmond "SERIOUSLY, LADY. YOUR DOG'S LONG, FUNKY TOES ARE CREEPING ME OUT!"--mozart

eventually, desmond got tired of annoying mozart and decided to rest.
on the ground. behind a chair. against the house. while using a broom as a pillow.

oh, desmond

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