Tuesday, August 23, 2011

doggie blog love

i love reading about dogs. i assume you do, too, or you probably wouldn't be here.

my doggie reading comes from various places, including fiction and nonfiction books, but i thought i'd take a moment to share some blogger love.

check out these noteworthy posts from other doggie bloggers:

  • this funny little post from pawcurious about a vet doll made me chuckle. i'm really not much of a feminist, but barbie can be pretty ridiculous with her outfits. that being said, i still really, really want the geeky/nerdy barbie. 
  • over at the go pet friendly blog, amy is making me jealous, once again, of her rockin' multi-state RV-ing trip (especially because unless we get an RV and a month off from work, i see no other way of us ever making it to oregon with desmond--and i really want to see oregon).
  • on a more serious note, here are two posts about rescue/puppy mills/breeders. one is from will my dog hate me? and the other is yet another piece from pawcurious (hmm...maybe i like that blog too much). this is a topic that i have strong feelings about--in the sense that i am 110% pro-rescue, 100% against puppy stores, and somewhat on the fence about breeders--but i'm not the most knowledgeable about it; so, i think i should mostly keep my trap shut until i can speak with more certainty and less wild emotion. the pawcurious post, however, captures pretty well the way i actually feel. in particular, this part makes me want to run and hug Dr. V.:
 "We don’t need to beat up breeders trying to help keep a breed intact and healthy in order to solve the shelter problem. We need to educate our children to value pets of all kinds through humane education. We need to eliminate ridiculous breed specific legislation that forces people to put their animals into shelters when they are in a housing crunch. We need to improve shelter hours so it’s more convenient for people to go there to see the pets, and make it a positive experience so people aren’t so scared of the place they don’t even want to set foot in it. Better websites, better photos, trainers to help these animals become more adoptable and remain in their new homes."
in fact, i'll be getting involved in some of that myself, but i'll talk more about that in another post.

p.s. here's hoping any of you along the east coast are doing OK today and your pets aren't freaking out. we won't know how desmond fared for another few hours, but i'm hearing a lot of people's pets in the NYC/LI area wound up just fine.

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