Thursday, August 25, 2011

doggie birthday gifts

many people dislike getting gifts that don't reflect the occasion being celebrated. not me.

when i was going away to college, leaving home right around my birthday, people gave me dorm-related gifts, and i was ecstatic.

when my husband and i were engaged and christmas rolled around, we got wedding-related presents and were pleased.

when we got housewarming-type offerings for our first apartment and, later, our first house, no matter what the actual holiday/event was at the moment, we were thrilled.

and now that i have a dog, i 100% don't mind getting desmond-related packages adorned with bows. in fact, i encourage it.

he does, too; it's just really hard to tell.

i've always been the type of person who has a one-track mind based on whatever major life event is taking place at the time. i become absorbed and slightly obsessive. i enjoy being engrossed in things.

trying to conquer two such situations at the same time is a challenge. i was finishing grad school when we moved out of our parents' houses and into our first apartment together: i thought my brain was going to explode. we were in the final months before our wedding when we up and moved to a new apartment, somewhat at the last minute: i thought my brain was going to climb out from my cranium and slap me in the face. right after we closed on our house last year, i wanted to run to the nearest shelter and adopt 21 dogs. luckily, everyone i knew made sure i realized that renovations plus unpacking plus a brand-new neighborhood did not make for an ideal new-doggie environment. my brain was thankful.

right now, my focus is All Things Desmond, and i don't have any distractions. this is why shiny new doggie bowls in a grand-looking stand as an anniversary gift would not upset me in the least. this is also why i absolutely love that i've received so many doggie b-day cards and gifts (and why i was so sad during my big party that desmond took one look at all the people in the yard and bolted back inside). that's right--today is my birthday!

and because it is my birthday, i get to throw in another picture of desmond looking unamused on the couch.

so, then... wanna see the goods? i thought so.

i love doggie cards so much. i finally feel that i am "allowed" to buy them for others, and i do--even if they do not actually have a dog. i'm so, so sorry for what i've become, but there's no turning back now.

this very special creation is part of a larger piece that highlights all the things i would want for my birthday. "happiness" includes the loves of my life.

there was also a gift certificate to the fabulous site A Dog's Life. i say "was" because i've already used it! i picked up a customized bottle of rescue wine (for me) and the treats sampler (for des).

in addition, i am now the proud owner of the book A Dog's Purpose (plus another dog book that i can't think of the name of right now. i suck.), as well as a cute little doggie notepad (sadly, i do not have a photo of that. i may have mentioned that i suck.).

here's something else that's somewhat doggie-related in the sense that we got to include desmond. my husband hired a cartoonist to come to the party and draw everyone in the style of the beatles' sgt. pepper album cover. (we're both big beatles fans, so this is entirely beyond awesome in every way.)

desmond's in the front (i highlighted the area) looking very cute

and for anyone who's not familiar with the album cover...
dear god, i hope i don't get sued for posting this

all of the other things i was gifted by family and friends were absolutely lovely, and an incredible party was thrown for me as well. you may be thinking, "well, what in the heck did desmond get you??" don't worry. he knew he screwed up by not getting me anything for mother's day, so he made it up to me by being very well behaved all week long and by being a perfect angel on our walk this morning. i'll take it!
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