Monday, July 11, 2011

networking & a free e-book

hi all! just a quick post to let you know about some of our new affiliations here in blog land and access to a free e-book with some tips on how to keep your pooch happy and healthy without spending tons of cash. exciting, no?

in fact, i'll be extra nice and post about the free book first.

want one? of course you do! you can grab a copy thanks to the lovely folks over at

speaking of Dog Tipper, we are now a part of their pet blog directory! we are also a member of the BlogPaws Community and we're linked up on NetworkedBlogs with auto-posting to our desmond FB page and Twitter feeds. i very much hope that i'm not somehow double-posting on FB or Twitter when i publish here, so feel free to let me know if you notice that, and i'll fix it (it can be difficult to remember to check on these things when there's a delay in the posting, which i think there is).

on another note, desmond is doing just lovely recently, although he has taken to lying down on the bathroom floor mat far more often than makes sense to us. it's not even cool in there, most of the time. strange doggie.

a camping trip is coming up this weekend, and we will be graced with the presence of kona, jackie <3, and luca. hopefully some fun swim time will occur.
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