Tuesday, July 26, 2011

camping with doggie BFFs

recently, a bunch of us human BFFs got together so our pups could join forces on the swimming front. a couple of the dogs had not been swimming yet at all or had been to the water but hadn't wanted to go in at all or hadn't liked it all that much. our hope was that our resident olympic freestyle gold medalist, luca, would lead the way and the rest of the dogs would jump in after her.

that is, more or less, what happened. i would call it a success, the only loser of the day being one of our inner tubes, who sadly didn't make it out of the creek sans fatal injury. RIP big blue inner tube with the little handles. you will be missed (though probably replaced. sorry, just being honest.).

photos? mais oui! but before we get to that, let me show you this fool in the car on the way upstate. mr. wonky legs is not a fan of the car harness, because it forces him into silly positions for his nap.

lookin' good there, wonks

desmond is so not a fan of the harness, in fact, that he has figured out how to free himself from its stifling grasp.

see the highlighted area?? yeah, we have no idea how he did that.

he performed this trick twice on our ride. twice. maybe next year we can try out for America's Got Talent (i mean, if the lady with the parrot can get through...).


camping pix:

here's our swim team captain, luca (credit: m. menzer)

desmond's the only one who needs to wear safety gear, but i love nerds, dorks, geeks, and dweebs, so i'm cool with that. his girlfriend, jackie, is on the right, standing at the edge & pondering life. the dog in the middle is a random pup who came in fast with his owner, caused a stir, and left just as quickly. the upside to random pup's arrival was desmond wanted to chase after him/her (sorry, never got that info) and so he went back into the water. (credit: m. menzer)

here's jackie and kona having some fun on the rocks (credit: m. menzer)

here's kona looking cute and overjoyed about the world, as usual (credit: m. menzer)
and some more kona-jackie funtime (credit: j. romanyenkov)

i bet desmond was jealous and wanted to get in there but his parents were too busy trying to get him to swim to notice that his lovers were running off without him (credit: j. romanyenkov)

here's desmond looking all sad and wet and cold post-swimming (credit: j. romanyenkov)

here's mom and dad trying to explain to him that it's 90 degrees and he should be happy to be wet and cold (credit: j. romanyenkov)

and here's desmond looking off in the distance toward a cliff where there had been a little schnauzer puppy earlier in the day. an elephant never forgets. neither does a funny-shaped dog, for that matter. (credit: j. romanyenkov)
back at the campsite, the pups socialized just like the humans (minus the beer) (credit: j. romanyenkov)

spooky doggies at the campsite (credit: j. romanyenkov)

and here's a bonus shot of jackie being adorable with her sock monkey (credit: j. romanyenkov)

water fun and campsite fun was not the only fun to be had, however. no no no. we made a point of stopping at a new dog park that just so happens to be on the way to gilboa: Shandaken Dog Park & Agility in Glenbrook Park. we noticed it on opening weekend and just hadn't had a chance to take advantage yet. yay for making time!

desmond got up the dog walk--and then got distracted by some birds, right as i was taking the picture of course

this was right before he jumped off the dog walk. we're not sure if he didn't understand that he should/could continue; if he wanted to jump off because he likes jumping (he does this on the ramp at the dog park by us all the time); or if he was nervous and bailed. 
happy doggie and daddy

making quick decisions on the a-frame

attempting the seesaw. "attempting" being the key word, because he got to the point where the board moves and he hightailed it out of there. next time, des, we'll bring treats--and we'll try the seesaw first so you're less hot and tired. that's the one thing this dog park is missing: shade.

as you can imagine, a long weekend of playtime in the sun and water equates to a very very very tired doggie. behold desmond on the last night upstate:

all snuggled up and tucked in like the baby he is. yes, that IS a pillow. and, yes, he gets his own in the camper. an extra-special treat. make fun of me all you want.
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