Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blog the Change Day is coming!

it's time to talk about animals--not just desmond, but all animals. specifically, it's time to talk about helping animals. more specifically, it's not really time yet, but it will be on friday. confused?

Friday, July 15, is Blog the Change Day. be, blog, and read the change for animals.

Blog the Change

you can participate, too, even if you don't usually blog about pets. heck, you can participate even if you don't usually blog at all. use your twitter (hashtag #BtC4A) and facebook account statuses to highlight something you have done to help animals; someone you know who helps animals; or something you would love to do to help animals. you can even just talk about an animal you love dearly, and maybe you'll inspire someone else do to the same. appreciating the animals in our lives is something we should not forget to do.

this blogging event will, of course, have a link-up tool where you can add your post's URL, read other blogs, and meet new animal lovers. what's not to like about that?
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