Thursday, June 2, 2011

wacky wednesdays

no, you haven't forgotten what day it is. i'm just not very good at getting things done when i promise myself i'm going to (like yesterday, when i swore i'd write this post). regardless, the point is that nearly every wednesday we come home to any number of surprises left for us by desmond. 

 surprises like this:

at first glance, this may not seem all that absurd, because the curtains at least match--but that is obviously not how we choose to hang our window treatments. also, the couch isn't quite right... is it?

gosh, des. thanks for helping us take those curtains down. we wanted to go really breezy for the summer anyway. (how sad does that corner look now without a plant?)

someone not only located my snuggie but also dragged it across the room this time. i am flattered? note: we have since moved our console table and couch (and rug and ottoman table) back so they are up against the windows. i hate how it looks, but it has kept desmond out of trouble back there. and, while we're on the subject, we have also removed the curtains entirely. our windows are looking much like they did when we moved in.

or, sometimes, he leaves surprises like this:

we always left our paper recycling bin in the kitchen when we went to work. he never cared about it one bit--until this particular day. thanks, des! i always wanted homemade confetti!

mmm...yummy plastic garbage can

he was even so kind as to drag some of the paper garbage into the living room. not sure if this was before or after he tried to watch that DVD. (don't worry, des--i can't figure out how to watch a movie without daddy's help, either)

one of my friends has a son who likes to play with corks. now, i can say the same! amazingly, neither the glass carafe that the corks were in nor the empty wine bottle broke in the process. and he didn't do any damage to the large glass vase against the wall or that somewhat-valuable edition of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn either. all items have since been moved to higher ground or removed entirely.

but why wednesdays? why after two days of near-perfect behavior, when we think he may be getting better, do we have to fall back like this? it may be because he usually gets tired out over the weekend and that lethargy carries over into monday and tuesday. (or it may be that desmond is just kind of a jerk. jury's still out.)

not that this wednesday thing is a pattern all the time--if there's nothing else we can count on, we can bet that desmond will be mr. unpredictable. he has the rare accident in the house or the urge to redecorate based on almost nothing, from what we can tell, so it's very hard to say, "oh, well, if we feed him more/less he'll have more/less energy." or "oh, if we give him more exercise in the morning, he'll be tired." or "oh, if we get him 100 toys that squeak, he'll be busy trying to get the squeakers out all day."

we should start making a chart or a list or something of what he's done and eaten every day so we can try to figure out his triggers, if any. then again, outside factors could be at work. we can't control a passing motorcycle or slamming mailbox. we really need to set up surveillance. we keep saying it, but never do anything about it. specifically, i keep saying i want to get a video baby monitor that will allow us to watch the feed online. at least all the money and setup will go toward future use, unlike a random indoor camera thing. or we could just be patient and wait until next year--which is when everyone says desmond will be better. OR we could get another dog and see if that helps. wouldn't that be something?
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