Thursday, June 30, 2011

quick random post

10 Signs That You May Be a Pit Bull Lover - BlogPaws

i saw this post today (link above, in case you somehow missed it) on BlogPaws and it immediately made me think of desmond--especially the part about chewing instead of fetching. and when i read the part about a puppy-proofed house for a 6-year-old dog, i almost cried. true story. anyway, i thought i'd share it with you all, along with some other semi-random things.

check out this no-stuffing toy with ├╝ber-cool squeakers

Stuffing Free Gator

i saw a post about this toy over on the all things dog blog. we need to buy this immediately if not sooner. i haven't had a chance to check out the rest of the Petstages products online, but i surely will be doing that soon. we do already own the ORKA mini flyer and pine cone chew, which desmond seems only semi-interested in, but has played with each a little bit. those are the softish chew toys, which--by the feel of them--we thought he would devour in mere minutes. who can tell what that dude is thinking, ever?

this company also makes the coolest blanket since the snuggie (note: i did not say cooler than the snuggie. this is merely just as cool. nothing is cooler than the snuggie. do you hear me, nuddle & slanket???). this is something that desmond's DBFF kona really needs in her life.

 chew chain

and now for some adorable photos of desmond. (what? that's why you're here, no?)

this is an outside stairway down to my in-laws' basement. desmond recently stayed at his grandparents' house overnight, and they said he pretty much hung out here the whole time, whenever they were also outside in the yard.

here's desmond at his first classic car show in our village. technically, it was our first time there, too. he loved the people watching, the various compliments from the public, and the multiple appearances of a little scruffy dog that belonged to a nice dude who was also in attendance. the little dog was off-leash and kept coming over to des, who is about six times his size. maybe more. they were very cute together. OH, and desmond also loved that i am slob and therefore he got to eat some yummy chicken pita. we will all be going back next week for more fun & food.

naked desmond (aka no collar), up close and personal. this is when he reminds me of falcor or a gremlin or both.

trying out for the Flat Stanley lookalike contest, once again. this was at a bar in freeport. that allows dogs. that we will be going back to, for sure. good music & great food & awesome beer & my dog??? YES. E.B. Elliot's is the place.

another shot of naked desmond

that's all for now. big noisy weekend coming up, so we'll see how mr. wonky legs does with the booms and bangs! with any luck, i'll be back tomorrow with a post about some of our recent desmond destruction moments.
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