Friday, June 10, 2011

doggie "wilderness" "adventures"

we have taken desmond on two camping trips to the lovely land of gilboa, ny.

"a good place to live", as per the sign that greets you at the border. not a great place, but a good place.
nickerson park campground (thanks, google!)

about halfway between albany and oneonta, population under 2,000 (thanks again, google!)
as you may recall from a prior post, we do not go real camping. there are no tents and hot plates involved. we have a trailer, a BBQ, a full-size bed, a microwave, electricity, a stove & oven, two fridges, room for six more people to sleep, propane for heat and hot water, and a bathroom with a shower. hence the quotation marks around wilderness.

the first weekend we went up, it was cold and rainy and we had to open up the camper from its winter nap. this involves a lot of little tasks and cleaning up and organizing--lots of moving around and in and out and what probably seemed like chaos to desmond. suffice it to say he was not pleased.

"no, actually, i am not a happy camper. did my constant whining clue you in? i say, let us leave posthaste and never return to this dreadful place again."

but at least he liked the car ride, which is good, because it's a long one. he did not love, however, his safety belt/harness thing, which he promptly got himself all tangled in.

we often found him smushed up against or leaning on the cooler in some way or another. not that he didn't have enough room to be NOT doing that, but he's just...special.  

we, of course, stopped a few times on the trip, so he could stretch and go potty, but i have to say that i kind of don't understand this. i mean, the stretching thing makes plenty of sense, but the potty thing makes less sense. he holds it all day while we're at work; he holds it all night while we sleep; he holds it between dinner and bedtime. why can't he hold it for a 3.5/4-hour-ish trip? he probably could but just figures he may as well go when we take him out of the car. my grandma always said to take advantage of all bathroom opportunities; perhaps she'll get along splendidly with desmond when they meet next weekend at my family's annual father's day BBQ.

"thanks a lot for stopping at this lush parking lot, jerks."

our darling pup fared a bit better once we all settled down to start the campfire. before that, he spent most of his day lying down or sitting while whining and looking forlorn (hence the quotation marks around adventures). he once tried to get in the car, as if to say, "let's blow this joint."

at the fire, he was happy to have mom and dad not running around and, instead, sitting close by. we all know, however, that he would undoubtedly prefer to be sitting with/on one of us, so we are looking into getting a two-person camp chair/bench, which does exist but is a bit pricey. what a spoiled doggie!

here's desmond hanging out on his outdoor bed, munching on his first Red Barn Naturals bone. this is the very same bone that he finished off the day that he pooped in the house.

he really does love it and it keeps him busy. we still have it, in fact, because it takes him a while to get through the bone part. we give it to him every so often when we need him to focus on something. we're thinking of buying a barrel full of these things to keep around.

here is a gratuitous shot of the campfire:
we made that fire pit ourselves (me, husband, aunt jamie, and aunt michelle), a few years ago. it was very hard work digging a hole and placing landscaping bricks in a circle, so you should be impressed. sad but true: the hardest part of that project was getting the bricks from the lowe's in oneonta.
desmond didn't just chew on a PB-filled bone at the fire, though. he also slept. soundly.

yup. he's sleeping. because who doesn't like the feeling of blood rushing to their head while at rest? maybe it gives him cool dreams.

i guess mr. wonky legs inspired his daddy to pass out in the chair as well, because the next thing i knew, we had this going on:

and, yes, desmond is still sleeping here
all in all, i really felt bad for the guy--desmond, not my husband--because he seemed to be quite miserable most of the time. it was a crappy introduction to the wonder that is camping, but at least it was only an overnight trip. memorial day weekend would be from friday afternoon until sunday afternoon (as we usually like to take the extra day off in the comfort of our own home). how would he handle it??

(you like that cliffhanger there? very exciting, right?)
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