Sunday, June 19, 2011


excuse my caps and multiple exclamation points, but i'm very excited to finally be getting around to posting about the party in desmond's honor. this is probably going to be a long one, so settle in.

we made all attempts to create a fun-zone yard for the pups!

that's a tunnel, high jump, and weave poles on the left; and a tent with a tunnel on the right

a closer look at the high jump and weave poles. still hard to see--everything was yellow.

we put desmond's outdoor bed inside the tent.

yes, that's right, folks! we found a hard-plastic kiddie pool!! well, joey found it, anyway--at toys r us, like we had hoped.

a shot of the yard from the other direction.

how cute are these winners' ribbons and stop watch? they came with the agility course. excellent purchase.
the course and tent didn't get to see all that much action, but that's OK. we're going to try and get desmond to like them. joey did get desmond to do almost all the weave poles when he gave it a shot, so that's a good start, i'd say. go, wonky legs, go!

but you know what? it's all good. the pups had a blast!

you've already met jackie, desmond's girlfriend. and that's DBFF luca aka the Fun Police keeping an eye on things in the back.

always looking for attention. even jackie is over it.

desmond, luca, and jackie

desmond loves babies, so he was very excited to meet baby abby b!
desmond napping like a jerk. but, hey, it's his party, right?

the biggest girl and the littlest girl: jackie and shea
luca enjoying the pool. i think she's the only one who went in it. desmond wanted nothing to do with the pool, until the next morning when he decided that it was a giant water bowl and drank out of it. like a jerk.

do you want to take a quick break from doggie action shots for some totally ridiculous photos of our dog in a party hat? oh, you do? excellent!

very dapper, that desmond. let's get back to the doggie action shots, shall we?

a romantic moment. jackie whispering sweet nothings into her boyfriend's ear.

here's desmond, jackie, and desmond's new DBFF, darius! darius came all the way down from highland falls to see desmond. what a good DBFF!! apparently, all of our dogs are drunks, seeing as how they are eyeing that beer.


getting up close and personal with darius

they must be having a very important conversation

it was really quite wonderful to see the dogs all getting along--well, maybe not so much luca, but i don't mind her vocalizations of displeasure. she's a girl who knows what she wants. i can respect that.

desmond's getting ready to take a rest, while darius is looking to play. luca may be getting ready to pee on someone else's pee. 

another nap? sure, why not. it's still his party.

ah, puppy love. such strong emotions! and here comes that troublemaker, kona!

there was much frolicking 

but jackie was sure to stay close and monitor the interaction

do we have a love triangle here?

we separated the lovebirds and began our little artwork activity, now that kona had arrived. and what was that activity? painting, of course! that's right. we had the pups do paw prints on a canvas. easier said than done, for sure, but it went great as far as i'm concerned. we bought washable non-toxic kids' paint, and i mixed up some colors that would go with the decor in our living room. then we used small brushes to paint onto the pups' paws and voila!

kona always moves so fast that she's a big blur (that big black smudge there? that's desmond, of course.)

darius gives it a whirl
this was so much fun! and we definitely are missing a few of our DBFFs on here, so we have saved everything and are hoping to add everyone else whenever we have a chance. here's what the non-finished product looks like:

how cute are those teeny tiny shea prints on the left?

and speaking of shea, here she is modeling one of our homemade frosty paws treats!

love her 'fro!

oh, and did i mention that desmond took yet another nap? i think he probably took a total of four or five. i'm not even kidding. what an old man! also, i am pretty sure that an outdoor couch is his idea of heaven. so, i guess that belongs to him now.

 all in all, it was an excellent day. the dogs tired themselves out and the humans had a good time, too. we capped off the night with a little fireside relaxing. actually, we all did that except for kona. she capped off the night by eating all the pasta salad. silly girl! we will definitely be doing this again sometime, and hopefully all the other pups can make it, too.

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