Tuesday, June 21, 2011

dog science matters

recently, i started reading the book Dog Sense. i'm not very far into it, but i'm already enthralled. there is so much more being done in the field of dog science than ever before, and we can only benefit from learning as much as possible. it wasn't very long ago that most people who were dog owners knew little about proper bedding or diets or how easily a dog can overheat. there was a mindset of "it's a dog" or "it's just a dog" that--i think/hope--exists less so today.

also, how freakin cute is the dog on the cover? omg, dying.

desmond is so much more than a dog to me. he is my son. my one and only and first son. if it is possible that i will love my future human son or daughter more than i love my dog, then i'm not entirely sure my heart and brain won't overload and shut down, leaving me numb to the world. maybe you think i'm ridiculous. that's totally OK; i don't care. i will spoil desmond at times and i will treat him as a member of this family, always. and i will continue to absorb as much new information as i can, to ensure that i'm giving him the best life possible.

this is why i feel like everyone should read Dog Sense. i can tell that it's going to be an eye opener. if you don't want to read the whole book--it is a bit thick--do yourself a favor and seek out John Bradshaw's articles online. or at least read this dogs' bill of rights i came across via The Bark.

one of the little blurbs on the back cover of Dog Sense is from the author of another book on dogs called Inside of a Dog. i read that one a few months ago and was kind of amazed by it. really makes you think about your pup in a whole new way. we should all be impressed by our canine companions. there's a lot going on there, and they're always trying to tell us about it, but we kind of suck at listening to them. it's something we should all get better at.

another cutie. there's a smidge of this guy's DNA in desmond, we think. well, not literally this guy. you know what i mean.
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