Friday, May 20, 2011

thunder or the bones?

desmond has been going potty in the house this week. we're not entirely sure why, because he's never really done this before, and he's trained to go outside. we have a theory, but the problem is that there are too many variables.

it's been stormy in long island this week, so the thunder definitely could be to blame--and our trainer thinks that's what it is. however, we also tried giving him food/bone chews in the morning to give him something to do while we were gone, in hopes that he would have less time to redecorate.

sidebar: i know there is much debate about rawhide and similar chews. the shelter told us don't give him any; the vet actually gave him some in our presence. everyone's got an opinion, but if the argument is in regards to it being a choking habit--and you have a dog who chews the crap out of everything--aren't most things choking habits? we're confused and spent much time debating about leaving the chews. we did not just toss it and go, carefree.

so the problem we are left with is figuring out whether he was leaving presents for us because of the thunder or because of the chewing/eating that was going on for the first time. plus, neither of us are even in long island when these storms are coming through. the weather in manhattan (or queens, for that matter) and the weather in our town are rarely the same. we don't know exactly how bad the storms were or when they hit, and we haven't been home with him during a storm yet, so we have no previous behavior to judge on.

if anyone has a clue what's more likely going on, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

this is the chew we left him: RedBarn filled knuckle bone
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