Thursday, May 5, 2011

microchip drama

desmond came to us with a microchip already living somewhere quietly in his body. or so we thought. when we first went to the vet, she couldn't locate it on him. the vet tech gave it a go as well, without success. i did a little inside-my-head panic dance about all the days that had already passed with him not having a chip. not that it mattered, since he obviously has been fine and did not run away or anything, but this is how my brain works. then i realized we wouldn't be able to get him a chip for another couple of weeks, due to scheduling issues, and i continued my solo internal worryfest.

why did this dog not have a chip? who really knows. ruffhouse rescue thinks that there must have been a mix-up at animal control or before that. it's a bit of a mystery, but everyone thought he had a chip. they had all the paperwork; he was registered. he at one point had his little yellow tag with the chip ID on it, but that got lost in the chaos of his trip to pittsburgh (when he was originally supposed to be adopted). the night we took him home, the shelter staff gave us all his files and told us to get the info on the chip changed right away and order a new ID tag.

there are lots of cute options for these tags, but we went with the plastic one to act as a buffer between his mets ID tag and his rabies tag. too much jingle jangle for me!

i took care of it on the phone and ordered a new little yellow house. weeks go by and nothing ever comes in the mail. in the meantime, we took our trip to the vet and learned he was chip-less. frustration, panic dance, etc.

eventually, we get an envelope from the ruffhouse that has his original new tag in it. that's right, the tag i ordered on the phone went to the ruffhouse instead of the forge house. wth is wrong with people? how can there be so many folks who cannot do their jobs well? the guy even went back over the info with me on the phone. very annoying. plus, the ruffhouse probably think we're idiots for not changing the address, which isn't the case. oh well. also oh well? we couldn't get our money back for the tag, because it's useless to everyone. not to mention, i have no idea if there is a dog running around having an identity crisis because his chip is actually registered to desmond at the ruffhouse. it's all very strange.

i'd say that's pretty confusing. probably more so than an identity crisis.

in any case, all is well with the chip now. he got a new one at the vet on saturday along with the rest of his vaccinations for running around in the outdoors upstate (and acted like a champ, from what daddy told me), and we got all the confirmations and whatnots to go along with it. it's a big relief for me. not that we aren't very careful with him, but you never know. he could see a gum wrapper bouncing by and bolt, taking the leash with him. crazy greyhound brain. we really need to get him a mechanical lure for the yard. one day...

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