Thursday, May 26, 2011

early morning dog run fun: the sequel

howdy, folks! this is just a quick update to share some pictures with you from one of our morning trips. i am hoping to get a real post in sometime tomorrow morning, before we leave for camping trip #2 (hopefully this one will go better!).

i told you guys it was sunrise and we were the only freaks there

sniffing around

still sniffing

even more sniffing, but at least he's on the ramp

"mmm...smells like beagle foot."


peeking through the underside of the ramp

"wait. why are you up there and i'm down here?"

"i'm coming, mom, don't worry!"

this is one of the gorgeous views we pass on the way to the park. i love my town. it's like being on vacation every day.

and these are the beautiful flowers and shrubs i was talking about. i had to take a pic of them. just so nice.

i also have some video of desmond making a fool of himself with the ball in the sand--and i have figured out how to get video on here! but i need a youtube account and to have the video file on-hand: two things i'm lacking. we're getting there, though! eventually.

in the meantime, while i'm posting pictures, here are some random extras that are semi-relevant...

when aunt jane & uncle tim were over with luca & jax, jane alerted me to the fact that we have three lilac trees/shrubs in our yard. by the time we moved in last year, in june, the flowers were gone from the plants. either way, all i knew was that we had some pink and white trees in the yard now. :-)

so i cut some lovelies for myself
and made a happy little cluster for myself to admire. the green and pink cuttings in the middle are from another tree/shrub in the yard. i've been trying to identify it for weeks, but i'm not having any luck.
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