Monday, May 23, 2011

doggie play date time!

a couple weeks ago, we had aunt jane, uncle tim, and DBFFs luca and jackie over for some puppy love.

luca's about four years old and jackie's still a puppy--and they are both much bigger than desmond, as you can maybe sort of see here:

that's luca in the front and jackie in the back, hanging around on a recent lazy day at home

i swiped this from uncle tim's FB page, so i'm not quite sure when it was taken, but i think it's a bit older

he looks absolutely malnourished next to these big girls! i guess that's what hangin' around a cane corso mix and a french mastiff will do to a guy. not that he minded--he totally enjoyed playing with them, especially jackie. i think he may be in love. (and i think miss kona is going to be none too pleased, seeing as how he is her man to mount inappropriately! should be fun when those pups are all together at our dog party next month.)

jackie, while a puppy, wasn't as hyper during playtime as kona or nala, so i think she was more on desmond's level as far as speed and energy reserves. luca, on the other hand, seemed a bit disinterested in the whole charade, unless she was acting as "fun police" (like aunt jane predicted she would). in any case, there was lots of running around and even some playing with toys. not that i can prove it, because i completely forgot to take any pictures. my camera sat in front of me the entire time, but i guess i was having too much fun to care. yay for fun, but boo for lack of photographic evidence of fun.

luckily, aunt jane snapped a pic of the kids in the car as they were leaving...

mom, we're tired. can we please go now?

and i later snapped some shots of the delicious, wonderful, homemade treats they gifted us. desmond goes bananas over these. i must get the recipe and give it a whirl. maybe aunt jane will grace us with its presence if we're nice to her...

she packaged them in this adorable container, which i will absolutely reuse

she made a bunch of different shapes, like animals and bones. i believe this is the kitty.

and this is a mouse, i'm pretty sure. the cookies smelled so good, we were tempted to eat them ourselves.

we also had one of these treats for each pup, which desmond gobbled up happily.

AJ & UT also brought desmond a fancy new shirt that miraculously fits him well. i don't know how they did that, but i need to learn their secret. it's the first garment we haven't struggled with, and it doesn't bother him at all. some of the other stuff is loose in the back by his skinny butt, so the fabric touches his sides sometimes and he whips around to see who's there. funny for me to watch, but i'm sure he doesn't appreciate it.

nope, desmond did not magically change into a different doggie. i just don't have any decent pix of him donning the shirt yet. and, yes, that shirt says, "My Dad Rocks" and has a guitar on it. desmond can wear it when joey wears his beatle boots and/or leather jacket.
here's a picture from the camping trip. this is the best i can do at the moment.

desmond was completely exhausted after his play date, even into the next couple days, but he definitely had a good time. it's so nice to see him loving the company of dogs. i truly can't wait to get him a friend to play with every day at home. i think about this all the time. all. the. time. one day...
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