Friday, May 27, 2011

dog party preview

next weekend is our first doggie party, and we are sooooooo excited. it's been a little crazy trying to plan for both people and dogs, but i love a good hosting challenge. i actually kind of live to host to parties and if i had the time and money--and tireless guests to attend--i'd host a party every weekend. so attempting to entertain two species is my idea of a good time, even with all the stress of the preparations.

we have a really cute activity idea planned, but we don't know if we're going to wind up having the time to actually get the supplies and set it up. i really really really hope we do, but it's at the bottom of the list of things to do, unfortunately. i will say no more, for now, but whether we do it or not, i'll share what we had in mind after it's all over.

we're lucky that our yard is L-shaped (this marks the very first time i've said that!), because we can more or less separate the humans area from the dogs area, but still have easy access and a full view of all the pups, while allowing lots of room for doggie playing and running.

decorations for this party will be kind of low-key, since we don't want pups to have too many things they can snatch away or knock over, but i couldn't resist these adorable supplies:

this guy lives on some small plates

gotta have party hats, right? notice how they're similar to the blog background and our twitter background. you have no idea how much that pleases me.

there are more, of course, but this is a preview after all.

we have requested that doggie moms and dads BYOT (bring your own toys), in case there's something extra-special that the pup can't leave home without, but we bought an agility course beginner kit from that we're hoping turns out to be a big hit. it has a tunnel, a jump bar, and weave poles. if we have a chance to practice some with desmond, we will. so far, we've only busted out the tunnel, since it's small enough to be used in our house. he sort of gets it, but often goes around it instead of through it, that bum. we're working on it, though!

also, i will be making a special treat for the canines. it's a homemade version of frosty paws (have you seen how much money frosty paws are? what are people, crazy?). i've never made it before, so it should be interesting. i hope it comes out OK. i am not a good baker at all, but i'm an above-average cook (not much above, but still), and this recipe isn't really cooking or baking. what can go wrong?

food will be provided for humans, but this time we have finally learned our lesson. having a barbecue is not as easy as it sounds, especially when you have more than around six people to feed. the executive decision was made to have no hot food at this party. we want to both be able to keep an eye on desmond and other DBFFs and enjoy the party with our friends. at the moment, we have about eight dogs coming and about 20 people, so there will be some chaos for sure. bring it on. this time, we're not going to be standing in front of a fire for hours or running in and out the house every five minutes to get something from the kitchen. all food is going out at the start of the party. maybe people will learn to show up on time if they arrive and the hero is soggy and the salad is wilted. ;-)

because we have the dog run so close to the house, we have requested that our doggie guests meet us there about an hour ahead of time. this is the best way to get all the pups together in the same spot on neutral territory. this will allow everyone to perform doggie handshakes and get properly acquainted or re-acquainted before unleashing in our yard. we wouldn't want any angry surprises or to have desmond feel like his land is being invaded by aliens.

we're still trying to find an old-school, hard-plastic kiddie pool. why is this so hard to locate? we have not made it over to toys r us yet, so i am crossing my fingers that they will be the saviors. i want the pool for not only watertime fun and the ability for the pups to cool off, but i also wanted to use the pool for a bobbing-for-treats game. at this rate, we may be spraying the dogs with the hose or pulling out the lawn sprinkler--though those things could be fun in their own ways!

dear mr. pool, where can i find you? i'd really like to make you a member of our family. i wouldn't mind if you came with that cool doggie as well. let me know if you're available before next weekend. thanks so much! love, lola

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