Monday, May 16, 2011

camping teaser & other things to come

i've come to the conclusion that my draft post is gone forever (and that i probably should draft in a word processor from now on--not that i'm doing that now or anything, but it's nice to tell myself i won't let this happen again), and i've gotten over my disappointment about it enough to get back to the blog. i'm not going to attempt to recreate the post that i lost, because that's going to serve only as a great frustration, and i'm trying to remain positive this morning since i am a tad worried that desmond is going to go nuts in our house today.

we went camping for the first time with him on saturday. our version of camping involves a campground with amenities and a trailer. years ago, we were tent campers at the campground, but we upgraded and it's been lovely to have a bathroom and a refrigerator. so i don't want anyone to think we packed up the pup and ran off into the woods. desmond's dad would love to do that, but desmond's momma ain't havin' it. we will eventually take desmond hiking, but we're not there yet, so i won't get into it now. let me give you a better idea of the situation. we camp here:

Nickerson Park Campground... this:

yup, that's how we roll!

 that pic is actually from four years ago, and we have since gotten a bigger trailer and bigger deck, but it's still in the same spot. anyway, we were at nickerson for approximately 24 hours, and our prima donna doggie was not a happy camper (OK, you knew that was coming at some point, so just be glad it's over with). it did rain the entire time pretty much, so we are hoping that had a lot to do with his displeasure. i'll post a full story with pictures at a later date.

for now, i'd like to give you a list of things to look forward to aka upcoming posts:

  • play date with DBFFs luca and jackie
  • training sessions #3, the down-stay, and #4, the come command
  • study of desmond's sleeping positions
  • doggie party sneak peek
  • Wacky Wednesdays
  • early mornings at the dog run
  • and the rest of the camping story
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