Sunday, April 24, 2011

why i am angry

i have no idea who the horrible humans are that first brought desmond to their home. i have no idea if it even was more than one person, a family, someone young, someone old, someone physically unfit to care for an animal, or anything like that. i don't know where he was living, geographically. all i know is that whoever had desmond when he was a baby and doing all his growing is an absolute monster (or monsters).

we already know that his feet and legs are wonky and crooked and not formed correctly and sensitive because he was raised in a cage or a crate. not crate trained, but raised in there. as in, didn't spend much time out of it. as in, got too big for his space and that's why his legs and feet are like that.

i don't really have pictures that show just how bad his back legs are, but maybe you can tell in some of these:

his two back legs turn in toward each other. they appear to rub against one another when he walks, but they don't. he looks somewhat like a deer on ice. it affects his walking, running, sitting, jumping, and ability to use stairs. he isn't in any pain, and we're pretty sure he's not uncomfortable either, but it's something he has to live with and work around on a daily basis. it sucks. we hope he'll be OK in his old age, and the vet thinks he will be, but we'll see.

this makes me incredibly sad whenever i think about it, but within seconds i start feeling full of rage. what the hell is wrong with people? i just don't understand. i would love to hunt these losers down and yell at them a lot and attempt to have them arrested or, just, something. i don't know.

desmond's nails are always going to be on the long side. the vein is pretty much as long as his nails are, for reasons i don't totally understand. i have heard that if you cut long nails such as his a little bit every few days, you can "train" the vein to recede, and eventually your dog will have short nails (though, the groomer that joey took desmond to today did not mention this, which would allow him to have us come in and pay him $10 rather often, so i find that odd). in addition, i am aware that your dog's nails will be naturally filed by the ground outdoors during walks, and that this greatly assists in the process of nail trimming.

but desmond was raised by awful jerks, so his nails don't grow down toward the floor--they grow left, right, up, down, at an angle, straight out. though you can absolutely hear him when he walks, his nails don't hit the ground in the way necessary for this filing assistance.

so, we are tasked with doing our own filing to help keep his talons at bay. and what will we be filing with? oh, no. not this thing:

i loves me some good ASOT infomercials, but the products themselves often let me down

but with this thing:

oh, yes that IS a cutter/sander/router

don't freak out. it's totally OK! we will not be cutting or routing the dog in any way. the pedi paws is basically the same thing as the sander attachment for the trio--and we already own the trio, because we can't resist a power tool on sale (especially when it's one i read great reviews for and insist i can actually use myself, even without supervision for all my DIY/crafty projects i'm going to start one day. for really reals. you just wait.)

UPDATE: i originally started writing this post on friday (and i don't have any clue how to change the date on a post once it's drafted, by the way). weekends are completely insane at all times, and i normally don't get a chance to get anywhere near the internet for more than checking the weather, so please forgive my odd posting schedule. in any case, i wrote this when i was under the impression that we'd be using our dremel trio to file desmond's nails.

yesterday, husband announces he is going to the pet store to A) return the crate we bought before we brought desmond home with us (we never intended to use it but held onto it just in case things got to that point. they have not. we will put up with desmond's little destructions for as long as we need to while we train him out of it. we can't bear to put him back in the thing that he is most afraid of and has spent so much of his life in already. say what you want. think that we are naive or letting him be the pack leader. we don't care. we refuse to crate this dog. end of story.) and B) look for a pedi paws.

as you can imagine, i was confused, and slightly annoyed since i had already written this post--not that joey knew that--and questioned his random desire to spend money when we didn't need to (we are both pretty cheap). what was his reasoning for this? he doesn't want to have to pull out the whole dremel every time desmond's nails need a filing. so, laziness seems to be winning out over cheapness. i'll definitely remember this for a future date and time when i can use it to my advantage. ;-)

that being said, i convinced husband to at least wait until we were taking a trip to the further-away, better, less pricey pet store to get the pedi paws. yay for compromise!

he did, however, come home with two special easter treats for desmond and his cousin nala, whom he'll be meeting later today.
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