Friday, April 8, 2011


i was gone for two hours--the longest he's been alone yet--and the big baby was curled up on the couch when i got back. in fact, i think i disturbed his slumber with my arrival, because he didn't even get down off the couch to come and greet me. what a jerk, right? also, best part, NOTHING was touched. no pee anywhere. and captain ravenous found all the biscuits i hid around the dining room for him.

i totally still gave him a treat when i got back anyway. he was too good not to! now he's playing with his kong in the dining room and i'm on the couch typing this post. he's not even harassing me to be his pillow.

love him!

let's hope we can repeat this behavior.

later, someone will don his mets jersey and help us cheer on the team on opening day. photos to come...
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