Thursday, April 7, 2011

spoiling the pup

dogs are expensive--or at least this dog is. or maybe it's just us and we are buying him too much crap. all i know is that we've spent a lot of money already, and desmond is eating better quality food than joey and i are. Blue Buffalo, of course. and yes, we are transitioning him from his shelter food (Health Extension, below) to the BB.

some of Desmond's things

and of course we started buying him clothes. i bought him a mets jersey, but his awkward body type didn't play well with the jersey, so back to the store it went. he's got a pit bull front half and a greyhound back half and a mix of all the breeds in his face/head. this does not make for easy sizing. that being said, i am determined to get him into both a mets jersey and a snuggie. and then, hopefully, we can take a nice family portrait in our snuggies (though i'm not counting on it, since daddy gets to have a say in this). and before you go thinking, "oh no, this is one of those crazy ladies that forces her dog to dress up," you should know that desmond is a big wimp who hates the cold. he shivers and shakes and often wants to do his business outside and then get back to the couch as quickly as possible.

he absolutely loves the couch and has decided it's the place to be. he also loves to sleep. it can be difficult to wake him up or get him off the couch, and when he is sleeping on the couch, you may as well settle in for the long battle ahead. (just like his daddy, in so many ways). the only time it's been easy to get him to go out for a walk is in the early evening or afternoon. 5AM walk? no thanks, mom; i'd rather sleep. 11PM walk? no thanks, dad; can't you see i'm sleeping? if he could hold it long enough, i'm certain he would skip them both.

sometimes, we sleep on the couch like so

desmond also prefers to be tucked in when he goes to bed. how do i know this? when he's not burrowing his head down into the center of the earth, he's busy curling up into the tiniest ball he can possibly get himself into and snuggling into the nearest object, regardless of its level of comfort. so, i thought i would try tucking him in at night when we go to bed, in hopes of it stopping him from waking us up every hour on the hour. and it actually worked!

all tucked in, like a little baby

our first improved schedule went like this:

9:30 bedtime with mom
11:30 dad drags desmond out of bed for a walk
2:45 desmond wakes up mom, just to say hi, with much sniffing in her face
4:15ish desmond wakes up mom, just to say hi, with paws on her back
5:00 mom's alarm goes off. desmond doesn't flinch. mom drags desmond out of bed for his breakfast and walk. mmm, lamb for breakfast. mom makes desmond do some running on his walk. desmond looks at mom like he wants to bite her.

we also got him a nightlight, which is absolutely helping him but is awful for me. i sleep with an eye mask and ear plugs every night as it is, so this stupid light may as well be the sun deciding it wants our bedroom to be the new center of the solar system. not cool. i'll have to go on the hunt for something dimmer. or desmond will have to get over himself. the worst part of it is trying to fall back asleep with two different kinds of snoring going on. not my idea of a good time. hopefully he'll settle in and realize that we don't actually disappear when he shuts his eyes, and at least he'll sleep through the night.
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